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Caterpillar has released an upgrade of the innovative M Series Motor Grader, a further step in the evolution of the market-leading product.

The new and improved 12M model features a more powerful engine and larger frame, and  includes features such as factory-fitted Cat® Grade Control, engine idle shutdown and automatic differential lock.*

These improvements are designed to deliver better accuracy, efficiency and productivity, whilst meeting the changing needs of customers in an increasingly dynamic industry.

Caterpillar Global Construction and Infrastructure Asia-Pacific Marketing Director Phillip Pollock said that the new release M Series range was the next step in the evolution of the M Series, as Caterpillar continued to keep customers ahead of the game through technology innovation and value-added solutions.

“Caterpillar’s customers are an important driving force behind the continuing evolution of the M Series,” Mr Pollock said.

“In the five years since the M Series was first released our customers’ needs have changed and so M Series has adapted to accommodate those changing needs, with operators, owners and an industry focus.

“Constant technological developments mean that the industry is regularly evolving and customers and operators now have an expectation of what technology can deliver.

“We need to be implementing new technologies that address those customer needs and expectations, but also lower total cost of ownership and maximize returns.

“The improvements relate not only to operational efficiency, but also safety and comfort.

“While any new product can incorporate the latest technology, it’s ensuring our customers get the optimum benefit from new technology that is the most crucial element.

“The M Series may have broken new ground when it was introduced to the market but we need to keep on our toes and keep improving to ensure M Series remains a market-leader.

“Overall, we feel that the next generation of M Series will give our customers the further edge they need.”

The new 12M Series will be built on the 140-size platform and be powered by the larger Cat C7 ACERT™ engine, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity.

Other new 12M features include:

Integrated Cat Grade Control

Factory integrated Cat Grade Control will also come standard on the 12M (and all new M Series models).

Cat Grade Control helps operators achieve better and more accurate results, and will potentially save time and materials, by reducing work load in the cabin.

Cross Slope information is visible to the operator on the in-cab messenger monitor display, and the system automatically controls one end of the blade, reducing fatigue on the operator (and creating a more accurate surface).

Cat Grade Control is fully integrated into the machine and offers scalability, with the option to upgrade even further to AccuGrade™ 2D systems such as Laser, Sonic, CB450 or CB460 Display, and 3D GPS and UTS (Universal Total Station).

All the system sensors are installed and calibrated during construction, meaning the Cat Grade Control is ready to work from the moment it leaves the factory.

Automatic Differential Lock

Automatic differential lock and unlock will be a standard feature on the M Series, while engine idle shutdown saves fuel and reduces emissions.

The Automatic differential lock feature automatically unlocks the differential while turning, and re-locks once the machine is straight. This feature adds to ease of operation and offers additional protection to the lower power train components. This feature also allows for aggressive steering input for brief periods without disengaging, which is common in heavy cuts to counter side-draft.

Engine Idle Shutdown

Engine Idle Shutdown (EIS) is a software-enabled feature using Cat Electronic Technician (ET). This standard feature will shut down the engine after a set period of time, ultimately saving fuel and reduce emissions

Bluetooth radio

A new radio with Bluetooth technology will also be an optional feature on all M Series machines in the range.Bluetooth technology enables streaming audio from a portable device and hands-free use of a mobile phone. This contributes to overall operator efficiency, while maintaining a safe working environment.

Next Generation M Series will be available from August 2013 through the dedicated national Cat dealer network.

The upgrade caps off a momentous period for the innovative M Series, following the recent 1000th sale in Australia, and last year’s 80th anniversary celebration for Cat motor graders.

For more information on M Series Motor Graders or to contact your local Cat dealer, visit  

*These new attachments feature on all new M Series models, as well as the new 12M

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