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The New CAT® 315 GC – An Excavator That Fits Your Jobsite And Your Wallet

The Cat® GC product line-up offers a new value proposition for the more cost-conscious customers who do not want to pay for a solution they don’t need without compromising on what matters most to their business. The momentum behind Caterpillar’s range of GC excavators continues to build with the release of the 315 GC – a model proven affordable, durable, reliable and low cost per hour solution.

Caterpillar designed the Cat 315 GC Next Generation compact radius excavator with a larger cab, lower maintenance cost up to 25 per cent, and reduced fuel consumption up to 15 per cent when compared to the previous 315F L model. Here, Excavator Product Specialist Yibin Teo, introduces the new machine powered by the Cat C3.6 engine that produces 73kW net power.

“There are a lot of jobs out there where the extra technology on the machine which means extra expense to a customer simply does not make sense when the GC option would do just fine,” Mr Teo said.

Similar to the 315 machine, the 315 GC is a 15-metric-ton excavator, part of Caterpillar’s small excavator line-up, sandwiched between the 13-metric-ton 313 and the 18-metric-ton 317. This is a machine suitable for use in a wide variety of jobs and industries including grade work, slope work, trenching, loading and utility work. The 315 GC is versatile.

A compact radius machine with a 1.5m tail swing radius, the 315 GC is easy to manoeuvre and transport. Operators will be able to get into tight spaces for digging and lifting. With a maximum digging depth of 5.99 meters and a maximum loading height of 7.2 meters, this machine compares very favourably with much larger machines.

“This machine is suitable for much more than just utility work or on residential sites. These machines are right at home on even large infrastructure jobs and loading trucks,” Mr Teo said.

The new electronically controlled hydraulics has made for both faster control response and higher hydraulic flow on the new GC machine.

“To the customer, the benefit with the GC model is that you’re getting F-Series level of performance, but now at a lower price point while still getting the big maintenance savings, the big fuel savings and the electro-hydraulic controls that are on the more expensive standard 315 model,” explained Mr Teo.

A key driver in the new design was to reduce maintenance costs by up to 25 per cent over the 315F L with extended and more synchronised maintenance intervals.

The new hydraulic oil filter delivers improved filtration and extends filter change intervals to 3,000 operating hours, a 50 per cent increase. Both the pilot and case drain filters have been eliminated on the 315GC, with less filters to change that just means lower operating costs for the customer.

Operators can conveniently track filter life and maintenance intervals on the in-cab LCD monitor. All daily maintenance checkpoints, including engine oil level, are easily accessible from ground-level, making it safer and easier for the operator.

“We can now carry out all daily maintenance checks from ground level including checking of the engine oil for safety and ease of servicing,” explained Mr Teo.

Just like the 315, the 315 GC larger cab design improves ingress/ egress plus boosts operator comfort and productivity. The spacious Cat comfort cab offers a low-profile design plus larger front, rear and side windows with narrow cab pillars to provide a 60 per cent greater vertical visibility compared to the Cat 315F excavator, enhancing safe operation. The viscous cab mounts has also reduced vibration. The new cab design features a large, 8-in (203-mm) LCD monitor with touchscreen capability for easy navigation and intuitive operation, boosting productivity for operators of all experience levels. Standard rear view and right-hand side view cameras further improve visibility of the operating environment. Reducing operator fatigue, viscous mounts significantly lessen cab vibration compared to previous designs.

The new cab is ‘key’ to the customer experience. The ergonomically designed, ROPS cab now sees all controls in front of the operator, a touch screen monitor for ease of use and a seat and consoles offering comfort in even the most aggressive applications.

A keyless push start button as well as joysticks with customizable buttons is available for each operator via a unique pin-code system.

Mr Teo added, “This new cab is the standard for operator comfort allowing them to reach the highest productivity levels. It really has to be seen to be believed how much has been packed into one excavator cabin.”

“There are some customers that do not need the added technology features for the work they do. Why pay for something you will never need? If you’re in the market for a machine that gives you a solid performance with the benefit of lower up-front acquisition costs, reduced operating costs and unmatched dealer support, then check out the 315 GC.”

Cat expect the customer experience in the 315 GC machines will set a new standard especially for those who consider the Cat brand outside of their price range. They certainly warrant further exploration at your local dealer – a test drive is an experience not to be missed.

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