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The new Cat® 255 compact track loader: Torque of the town


The all-new, next generation Cat® 255 turned heads when it made its Australian debut at the recent National Diesel, Dirt and Turf Expo in Sydney.

Building on the success of the Cat D3 series Compact Track Loaders, the Cat® 255 model, along with its bigger brother the 265, are a ground-up redesign of the earlier series, improving on the features that made the previous versions so popular.

The first next generation models in the compact track loader line, the 255 and 265 elevate the Cat loader reputation through improved engine performance, lift and tilt performance, stability, operator comfort and built-in technology.

Caterpillar ® Product Specialist Rohan Mills did the unveiling honours at DDT, revealing the long-awaited Cat 255 to a huge crowd.

“It’s the first of our new line of Cat next gen compact track loaders. The 255 at DDT was the very first that’s landed in the country, and we were really excited to launch this to Australian customers,” he said.

The machines have retained the DNA of the D3 series while reimagining the possibilities of loader performance using voice of customer feedback.

“Both next gen models leverage the many benefits offered by the vertical lift design. The new Cat 255 replaces the 259D3, while the 265 replaces both the 279D3 and 289D3 machines,” Rohan said.

All Cat next generation compact track loaders are identified by the ending model number 5. The simplified nomenclature uses the middle number to represent machine size.

A new performance standard

Rohan said the new 255 and 265 loaders are powered by Cat C2.8T and Cat C2.8TA engines respectively, with the 255 offering 74.7hp and the 265 offering 74.2hp.

The new engines maintain horsepower across a wider RPM range and boast significant torque  increases – gains of 13 per cent for the 255 and 43 per cent for the 265 – for improved working performance.

Rohan Mills unveils the Cat 255 at DDT.

“Standard hydraulic system pressure is increased to 3500 psi (24,130 kPa). New for these next gen machines, the closed-centre auxiliary hydraulic system allows the 255 and 265 to operate all Cat Smart Attachments, including the Cat Smart Dozer Blade, with the standard auxiliary hydraulics provided,” Rohan said.

“Increasing the hydraulics on the machine has  been a popular feature and has ticked a lot of boxes for operators.”

Also present at the launch was Caterpillar skid steer loader/compact track loader manager Dante Thomas, part of the design team in the US, and who flew in to meet Expo visitors and discuss the new machine.

“The machines allow the user to do more work in terms of dumping,” he said.

“Having a machine that can do more work is absolutely important. You need a job, you need it done fast, and having a 255 or 265 track loader would be a great option.

“The torque and pushing power really shines on the new machines and is ideal for moving dirt or large amounts of material.”

A redesigned engine compartment mounts the engine and cooling package lower into the frame for improved stability, giving the operator confidence in handling heavy loads and throughout all aspects of their work cycles.

The new 255 loader delivers class-leading lift height, and compared to the 259D3, delivers 36 per cent more tilt breakout, 26 per cent higher lift breakout force and a 24 per cent increase in rated operating capacity (ROC).

Height to the B-pin for the 265, compared to the 289D3, increases by 7.6 in (193 mm), resulting in a class-leading maximum lift height of 11 ft (3.35 m) for easier truck loading. The 265 also delivers 19per cent higher tilt breakout force and 22 per cent higher lift breakout force.

Rohan said re-engineering of lower machine components have resulted in a stronger and stiffer undercarriage for improved machine stability and less pitching when filling the bucket with material.

The torsion suspension undercarriage delivers better operator comfort, track wear and material retention, plus the stiffer design results in smoother graded surfaces. The 255 loader offers a new 12.6-in (320-mm) bar-tread narrow track option.

“The crowd at DDT loved the improvements we’ve made with the undercarriage: a single piece track frame for that extra stability,” Rohan said.

“Also, they like the simple little things like tie down points on the track frame and the new and improved hydraulic coupler.”

There’s plenty of room inside the cab.

More space and comfort

Another popular feature of the machine was the extra roominess of the cab.

Both models feature a larger cab design with 22 per cent more overall volume and 26 per cent additional foot space.

With a 2.75-in (70-mm) increased interior width, the new cab expands footwell-to-ceiling height by 1.8 in (46 mm) and allows for an additional 1.5 in (40 mm) of hip room and 1.1 in (28 mm) more width between the joysticks for improved operator comfort.

“You notice the difference by just climbing around the machine,” Rohan said.

One thing operators are really appreciating is the size of the cab.

“We’ve heard people asking for a big man cab. The general feedback has been that Caterpillar really delivered with this, with many bigger guys coming in to check out the cab for themselves.”

Featuring a low entry point, entering and exiting the 255 and 265 loaders is now much easier.

The redesign allows the operator to open the cab door without the lift arms being fully lowered to the frame stops, a feature that gained applause at the DDT presentation.

“A simplified two-step door removal process allows operators to quickly remove it without tools,” Rohan said.

A range of new mechanical and air-ride suspension seat options are available, including a high-comfort seat that is both ventilated and heated.

New auto temperature control plus vent outlet positioning above the operator helps the new HVAC system to quickly cool the cab’s interior.

Next generation loaders are equipped with either a 5-in (127-mm) standard LCD monitor or an 8-in (203-mm) advanced touchscreen monitor, depending on the technology package selected. Like the D3 series’ advanced display, the standard monitor features Bluetooth connectivity and supports  functionality for rearview camera feed, creep, job clock, maintenance reminders and 32 languages.

Rohan said the advanced touchscreen monitor provided a higher level of control over standard monitor functionality, delivers advanced radio control, and supports the multicamera 270 ̊ option and 32 language choices.

The new advanced joysticks provide integrated control of the advanced touchscreen monitor so all machine function control and adjustments can be made without the operator removing their hands from the controls.

Earthmoving Equipment Magazine videographer Tom Buchanan (left) caught up with Dante Thomas, as he talked about the merits of the 255.

The three key pillars

Both Rohan and Dante stressed that the new loaders were built around three key pillars.

“We want more performance, more power, and more comfort,” Rohan said.

“We’ve got a Cat C2.8 turbo charged engine. In this machine, we’ve increased the engine torque. Operators are loving that these new loaders will give them more pushing power and more ability to move dirt faster.

“We’ve got more hydraulic capability, more performance. We’ve increased that bucket breakout force by 36 per cent. That’s massive!

“We’ve increased the rated operating capacity from 910 kilograms up to over 1100 kilograms, so that’s a 24 per cent increase.

“And then from an operator comfort perspective, we’ve made massive changes to the cab: it’s bigger, it’s wider and it’s tall. You’ve got more leg room and more space over your hips, plus the option of a ventilated seat.”

Rohan said there has already been a strong response to the Cat 255.

“We’re looking forward to getting the first machines arriving at the dealerships because we know there’s a queue of customers that are wanting to get into these machines,” he said.

“We’ve already pre-sold a bunch and orders are coming in fast.”

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