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The must-have Sany excavator attachments


Sany excavators come with a range of quality attachments that enhance on-site efficiency.

Excavator attachments extend the capabilities of excavators beyond their original design, enabling them to perform a diverse range of applications.

From land clearing to breaking hard surfaces and rocks, attachments offer the ability to maximise productivity on site by having one machine perform a number of different tasks.

Sany excavators have long been machines of choice for major earth moving projects world- wide. The company’s dedication to building the most reliable, durable and technically advanced machines means owners can be sure they’re investing in a product fit for purpose, focused on safety, and ready to deliver.

And of course, using quality and efficient attachments help make them even more efficient powerhouses. Sany takes pride in crafting top-quality attachments to streamline all earthmoving needs.

  • Grapple

The primary function of the excavator grapple is to grab and lift; claw-like in design, this attachment is perfect for handling all manner of organic and inorganic materials.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes – including combination grapple, log grappler, and pulpwood grapple – this attachment can support logging, demolition, waste management, land clearing, and roadwork projects.

The grapple attachment is capable of handling three to eight tonnes, with the maximum jaw opening ranging from 1800mm to 2500mm.

  • Ripper

Rippers make short work of breaking up rocks, stones, and hard soil. They are well suited for environments like mines which feature a scattering of hard rocks or stones.

High-strengthened steel enables this attachment to be used in even the toughest of working environments. These tools are most often used for pre-excavation.

  • Hitch

Hitches allow other attachments to be safely and skillfully connected to the dipper arm of the excavator.

Tilt, grab, standard or multi-function, Sany offers an array of hitches to help facilitate the safe and quick mounting and dismounting of attachments. The inclusion of safety pins provides additional safety benefits.

  • Hydraulic breaker

Powered by hydraulic pressure, this attachment is most often used for breaking apart concrete and cement, such as during road repairs, as well as rocks.

Hydraulic breakers could be thought of as the larger, and easier to use, jackhammer of the construction sector.

  • Bucket

The most used attachment, excavator buckets are essential for earthmoving projects.

They enable and accelerate important applications, such as digging, loading, leveling, trenching, cutting, as well as sifting through or moving topsoil, rock or other dense material.

What to consider when buying an excavator

  1.  How often will the excavator be used?

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a new or used excavator, the first thing to consider is how much time the machine will be used.

For businesses with infrequent need and small-scale projects, a used excavator may be the more suitable option. However, for companies with more regular earthmoving requirements, it can prove more beneficial to buy a new excavator than a used one.

Although there is a greater upfront cost when buying a new excavator, newer models are often easier to operate and will be able to work all day consistently, meaning you won’t have to deal with unexpected costly delays caused by machine downtime.

Maintenance and repair fees will also be less for a new excavator compared to an older unit. The longevity of the machine is also a factor: the more hours accrued on an excavator, the shorter the timespan it can be used for before it will need to be replaced.

  1. What are the key features to look for?

If you are looking for the latest safety features and performance-enhancing technology you will need to buy a new excavator, over a used one.

This is because older excavators can be void of imperative safety features. Buying a new unit ensures that your excavator is up to code and fitted with all the necessary safety features.

New excavators also come with theadded benefits of greater fuel efficiency and enhanced comfort for the operator compared to older models.

  1. Are you looking for dealer support?

Purchasing a new excavator from a dealer comes with the advantage of ongoing customer support as well as warranty coverage, both of which offer peace of mind.

Ongoing customer support means that you have access to expert guidance when you need it, and warranty coverage protects your investment should anything unexpected occur with your machine.

  1. Will you be wanting to sell it after use?

Investing in a new excavator will reap higher returns than a used unit when it comes to re- sale value. This is important if you intend to sell your excavator after you’ve made use of it.

To learn more about Sany excavators or available attachments, contact your local dealer at dealers.html


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