DDT 2020

The Latest In Earthmoving Productivity From Semco

The National Diesel Dirt &Turf Expo® is Australia’s best opportunity to catch up on the latest in productivity tools for the earthmoving industry.

The Semco team is celebrating the company’s 25 year anniversary and looking forward to welcoming visitors to stands 68/69.

Huge Range Of Powerful Excavators

On display will be the legendary range of Takeuchi sub 2 tonne compact excavators, just right for hauling with your truck or trailer. Visitors are invited to enjoy Semco’s hospitality and speak with well-informed technical representatives about which model excavator is best for their business – from models right up to the 16 tonne TB 2150 series.

Takeuchi offers one of the largest ranges of compact excavators on the market, giving you the choice of conventional, restricted or zero swing models to make sure you have the right equipment and attachments that let you operate efficiently, even when space is tight.

All-New Compact Loaders

The complete range of Takeuchi’s latest generation compact track loaders will be there, starting with the gutsy TL6R that represents the latest developments in small yet highly powerful and efficient machines.

As well as this extremely popular model, other options in the Takeuchi compact track loader range include the TL8, TL10V2 and the super-powerful TL12R2 and TL12v2 models.

High-Performance Attachments

U.Emme is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of specialised attachments, offering a range that includes tilt dozer blades that speed up the job of levelling sites. When equipped with laser guidance, these are an indispensable attachment for anyone specialising in site preparation.

With blade widths ranging from 1800mm to 2700mm and left/right hydraulic oscillation angulation, there are well protected conduits for the hydraulic circuit and a universal linkage kit for skid steer loaders, with LTDA models including a laser support plate.

With U.Emme sweeper attachments, there’s now a great choice of Manta bucket sweeper options that can be attached to your tracked, skid steer or backhoe loader. Available from 1250mm to 1800mm operational widths, these high-quality, Italian-made attachments are designed for the toughest jobs.

Productivity For Fleet Owners And Contractors

Semco has all the tools and attachments you will ever need to maximise the productivity of your excavator, loader, backhoe loader or tractor. For example, its range of Rockwheel twin-headers let you produce an extremely accurate profile in excavation and tunnelling work, or in surface preparation so you can reuse the finely grained excavated material for backfilling.

These great Rokla attachments produce fewer vibrations, reducing the risk of damage in and around the site. They are also ideal for noise-sensitive zones.

Reuse of material is a hot topic today and the MB Crusher range of buckets and screens distributed by Semco allows operators and contractors to reprocess materials in situ, helping reduce the load on the environment by making useful by-products of otherwise low value raw feed, which may add significantly to their profitability. In urban areas the carting and dumping costs alone often mean a fast return on investment, and in rural areas it can mean producing very useful and valuable materials in places where buying materials is often prohibitively expensive.

Engcon® Covers All The Angles

Having the technology and know-how to ensure attachments perform correctly is one of the strengths of Semco. The company has a great reputation for engineering support.

Engcon tiltrotators are designed for use with most types of excavators from 1.5 to 32 tonnes, including tracked and wheeled machines that operate through 360 degrees. These indispensable tools may be found on most European construction sites and their benefits are just now being discovered by Australian contractors. Engcon factory specialists will be on the Semco site and will be happy to give you a demo drive.

Morooka Rubber Crawler Carriers

There are times when the only piece of gear that can handle transport across sandy, marshy, soft, boggy or hilly terrain is a vehicle with high flotation and widely distributed ground contact. The Morooka range of rubber crawler carriers is now available from Semco.

These purpose-built vehicles have rubber tracks that have been developed througha 50-year partnership with Bridgestone. The tracks give the characteristics of a tyre equipped vehicle, such as speed and a smooth ride, while providing the traction of a steel track.

Designed for environmentally sensitive areas, Morooka products are ideal for work applications such as water tanks, digger derricks, firefighting equipment, seismic testing equipment and personnel carriers. Businesses that operate on riverside construction, logging, wet plantations, or anywhere that’s soft and muddy should consider these vehicles

Equipment For Hire Companies

Semco has a wide range of the right gear for landscape contractors and rental companies in need of reliable, top-branded equipment. Visitors can check out the latest range of Toro, including the W320-D Compact Utility Loader. This incredibly versatile machine can run attachments such as a high-speed trencher, leveller, soil cultivator and cement mixer can easily be interchanged to perform a wide variety of functions.

The latest range of Toro Lawn Care machines are making their debut on the Semco site at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo.

You can also check out the amazing Toro RCTX 1000 remote controlled compact utility loader and the GreenMech Arborist 200 professional wood chipper.

Whatever your needs or your interest, don’t fail to visit the Semco stands 68/69 for one of the largest ranges of equipment and attachments, as well as a chance to relax and meet your colleagues.

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