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The JCB X Series unleashed

The JCB 220X excavator digging material at a quarry site

A closer look at the power and versatility of the JCB 220X Excavator.

The JCB 220X is a mid-sized excavator, with a maximum operating weight of 24,743kg. It is powered by a JCB Ecomax engine, which delivers 173 horsepower (129 kW) and meets tier 4 Final emissions standards. The machine has a maximum digging depth of 6.98m and a maximum reach of 10.67m.

The JCB 220X Excavator is built with the strength and durability needed to take on even the most challenging tasks. The machine is equipped with a heavy-duty undercarriage, reinforced boom and arm, and robust steelwork throughout.

JCB’s advanced hydraulic system provides precise and responsive control of the boom and arm.

This enables it to withstand the demands of heavy excavation work, demolition, and construction. And with its range of customisable boom and arm options, the JCB 220X can be equipped to handle a variety of jobs with ease.

In addition to its strength, the JCB 220X also offers excellent control. The machine features JCB’s advanced hydraulic system, which provides precise and responsive control of the boom and arm. This allows operators to work with greater accuracy and efficiency, even in tight spaces. The machine’s advanced hydraulic system also helps to reduce fuel consumption, which can lead to cost savings over the life of the machine.

The 220X combines a maximum 6.98m digging depth with a maximum 10.67m reach.

The JCB 220X also has a range of advanced features that improve its control and performance. For example, the machine’s automatic two-speed tracking system allows it to move quickly between job sites, while the auto-idle function helps to reduce fuel consumption when the machine is not in use. The cab of the machine is designed to provide excellent visibility, with large windows and a high-resolution colour display that provides real-time information on machine performance.

The cab is also equipped with JCB’s LiveLink telematics system, which allows operators and fleet managers to remotely monitor machine usage and performance.

Combining heavy-duty construction, control, and advanced hydraulics, the JCB 220X is a powerful, precise, and fuel-efficient machine that is sure to be an asset to any construction or demolition project.

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