The JCB 18Z 1.8 Tonne Mini Excavator

Engineered to deliver reduced total cost of ownership and improved ease of use.

The JCB 18Z will provide operators with a 1.7 tonne Zero Tail Swing excavator designed to meet the multiple applications expected of mini-excavators that work in confined areas.

The excavators share common design DNA, boasting improved durability with robust construction and ease of maintenance, to minimise downtime while boosting work output for the operator. Engineered from the ground up to deliver reduced total cost of ownership and improved ease of use.

All-steel body panels provide maximum protection and are designed specifically for the rental and contractor segments. As well as adding weight in the right places on the excavator, steel panels can be quickly and easily repaired if required which is vitally important in a hire fleet with optimum usage rates. A common heavy undercarriage is used, with machined faces for improved fit and extended component life. All come with the retractable track frame offering widths of 980-1,330mm. A revised idler design delivers improved ride quality and reduces track stalling in loose material. The excavators use a next generation four-plate boom and dipper design, with machine matched dipper arm lengths of 950mm on the 18Z. The 1,800mm main boom with top mounted ram provides maximum protection for the hydraulic cylinder.

The 18Z hydraulics give operators the capability to simultaneously multi-task any combination of excavator functions smoothly and with full power, meaning less time to complete the job. JCB’s ROPScompliant cab and canopy structures provide up to 24 per cent more interior space, with improved leg and shoulder room, boosting comfort for operators. Redesigned track levers now come with T-bar controls, in line with larger models. Short-pitch rubber tracks come as standard. Sloping track legs reduce material retention, making it easier and quicker to clean the excavator between jobs. The new instrumentation package is clear to interpret and easy to use.

Ten sturdy tie-down points have been built into the frames, making the units easily adaptable to different truck and trailer tie down configurations. Safe and easy access to the tie down points meaning quicker turnaround times between sites. The compact excavators are among the safest on the market, thanks to the designed balance criteria developed by JCB’s engineers. Increased all-round visibility on the 18Z 2-Post canopy ensures clear open views for the operator. JCB’s 2Go risk mitigation hydraulic cut-out system prevents excavator operation through unintended control movement

The 18Z-1 are powered by a 12.2kW (16.3hp) Perkins diesel engine. The engine is mounted across the rear of the excavators for optimum weight distribution providing the best machine balance and service access. Ease of serviceability was a prime design criteria when planning the JCB 18Z. The excavators have a rear counterweight that swings away to provide open access to the engine bay for major service intervals. Daily checks can be carried by the operator through a separate swing open steel access door. The righthand side panel opens giving access to the hydraulic, tank and filter and the radiators. This all round easy access reduces maintenance time and boosts profitability.

All boom and dipper pins have 500-hour greasing intervals for reduced downtime and extended pin and bush life, which mean that greasing only needs to be completed as part of a 500 hour machine service. The 18Z’s are supported with a 3 year / 3000 hour Premier Warranty package. Australian dealers offer full service benefits to owners through their experienced aftersales operations. This comb-ination of support attributes, have proven to provide low whole of life costs and exceptional machine residual values delivering the most cost effective solution for mini excavator users worldwide.

For more information on the JCB 18z mini excavator please contact your local dealer on 1300 522 232 or find them at www.jcbcea.com.au.

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