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The history of Pickles

Pickles comes full circle with its return to the agricultural industry.

While most Australians know Pickles as an auctioneering powerhouse, few know of the humble beginning of the Pickles business as a stock-and-station agent in rural Moree over 50 years ago. In 1964 the Pickles family started the company as a way to buy and sell livestock, equipment and property in NSW. This business successfully provided an agricultural marketplace to the locals of Moree for over a decade, before expanding into auctioneering with a branch based in Newcastle. The valuations and agricultural aspects of the business’s first iterations still permeate the Pickles company as it stands today.

Pickles has transformed over the years to now boast billions in annual asset turnover and a range of subsidiary businesses. Pickles has long since exceeded expectations, and after years of developing the remarketing industry, is now returning to its roots with a newly-created department focused entirely on agricultural equipment, PicklesAg.

Pickles is well-known throughout Australia as a market leader in providing industrial equipment to clients around the country. PicklesAg is the natural continuation of their Industrial department, and brings the company full circle by providing a division that singularly supplies the Australian market with ag equipment.

This new division is a culmination of Pickles’ forward thinking business ventures and longstanding history in the agricultural heritage of Australia. PicklesAg can provide every fundamental service required of farm managers who need to expertly offload, update and manage agricultural equipment.

PicklesAg is a dedicated agricultural marketplace that connects equipment buyers and experts across Australia. The PicklesAg team provides specialist services across the country and offers a trusted way to access an array of easily accessible, used machinery.

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