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EjectX – The Game Changer in Asphalt!

The lighter the body, the higher the pay load! This is the number one thought on everyone’s mind in the Asphalt Industry

Straight away your natural thought would be tipping bodies, understandably, as it is the most common body you see. However, associated with tipping bodies is a high number of safety risks every year due to; tipping on uneven ground, no spotters, tipping under powerlines and low hanging obstructions, uncontrolled material placement, and roll overs.

Due to these incidents, tipping bodies are fast becoming banned from entering job sites in Australia.

With tipping bodies limited on job sites, this poses the next question “How do I cart my material on site?” You would then look at live bottom trucks. These trucks can cart asphalt, and are able to be used on all sites as they deliver material safely under powerlines and low obstructions. They are lightweight, which makes them popular in the asphalt industry. However, these bodies aren’t able to carry all style of material, such as demolition, concrete and rock, and then you realise they have a significant amount of ongoing maintenance costs involved.

This then leads to the ShawX EjectX body. This body can cart asphalt, as well as all other material types. It ejects material in a controlled manner, and there is no tipping involved, meaning it can unload under powerlines and low obstructions, allowing it to be used on all work sites.

The asphalt EjectX is also a light weight body, designed and manufactured specifically for the asphalt industry and free flowing material.

There is a huge asphalt market out there who need equipment specifically for their industry. ShawX sat with some major asphalt companies and listened to their needs, and designed the asphalt spec body.

ShawX manufacture the original EjectX body catering for general contracting use, including asphalt. However, there are many companies who only provide asphalt and so that is where this new EjectX body is targeted. The asphalt EjectX is a light weight body, specifically designed for free flowing material such as asphalt, sand, gravels and DGB. As most in the asphalt industry would be aware, the lighter the body, the more weight they can carry, the more money in your pocket.

This light, V shaped body, with its narrow rear chute makes this ideal for carting and unloading into pavers. With a full Bisalloy design, the body is made with a hard wearing, Australian steel.

“We have found the EjectX to be able to handle everything. My workers love them and find them easy to use and can even operate them without getting out of the cab. They have become spoilt really. We also have two walking floors and the EjectX is far less maintenance and can cart everything. The design and functionality of the EjectX is perfect, plus it looks good,” quoted Joel from Passmore Brothers.

The asphalt EjectX solves the problems of both the tipping bodies and walking floor bodies, by being allowed on all job sites and being able to cart all material types, while providing a low maintenance design. In addition, features such as versatility, controlled displacement, and the V shaped body allowing easy unloading of material.

So whether you are in the asphalt or general earthmoving industry, there is an EjectX body suitable for all.

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