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The Fleet Office – Specialist Fleet and Workforce Management

The Fleet Office (TFO) has built its service offer with a sole focus of ensuring they are not just another asset tracking company in the fleet management and construction industries.

Founder and Managing Director Jim Lee said with a highly configurable platform and the capacity to adapt, innovate and create ongoing value, The Fleet Office has emerged as the go-to provider for fleet and workforce management solutions.

“This approach has allowed TFO to effectively position ourselves as a technology partner for our clients where our programs are specifically designed to protect, manage, induct and monetise fleets.

“Our mission is to deliver simple-to-use tools and services to enhance efficiencies, improve safety and compliance. In parallel, our applications minimise operational costs through increased automation and reduced manual administration.

“We provide a 24/7 fleet management platform for companies around the country, pairing fit-for-purpose GPS tracking and telematics hardware with a range of configurable out-of-the-box software solutions that address different aspects of fleet and mobile workforce operations.

“By doing this we have carved out a unique niche in the market, by delivering highly effective and functional solutions for plant, equipment and vehicle fleets at an affordable price.

“Our client-focused offering encompasses ‘system to system’ data integration with clients’ existing programs and our product development strategy is geared towards adding new features and technologies specific to client and industry needs.

“It’s a unique and custom approach to fleet management, which has been warmly welcomed by a range of clients across Australia,” Jim said.

A Range Of Modular Applications And Programs With No Lock In Contract TFO’s range of programs are designed to fully integrate with its main tracking system, FleetTrack, which allows clients to log in anywhere via a web-based interface, and to tailor the software to provide customised alerts and reports around a wide range of operational scenarios.

“We offer a flexible modular approach to customers wanting to access the platform. They can start with a single application and enable additional integrated applications as required. All data is hosted here in Australia and integrated across the platform enforcing compliance across multiple operational workstreams,” Jim added.

TFO’s Programs Include:

  • FleetTrack – GPS fleet tracking and Telematics providing accurate asset location along with Utilisation, PTO usage, Overspeed Events, Driver Behaviour, Alerts, Reports, Geofencing and Spot search.
  • FleetMaint – Integrated with both FleetStart and Fleetrack2, work orders are automatically generated in line with maintenance schedules and defect reporting. Operators can share asset maintenance history with 3rd parties and a mobile application is provided for workshops to complete onsite repair and maintenance to the exact requirement.
  • FleetStart – Highly configurable electronic Prestart application and Fit for Duty workflow capturing configurable and comprehensive pre-start information for compliance and maintenance purposes. Work orders are generated automatically through defect reporting and is supported by image capture and cost code assignment.
  • Paperless Timesheets – Form builder- based timesheet application providing a highly configurable platform to create multiple timesheets and assign to individuals, divisions or projects.
  • Timesheet users are presented with a simple to use interface to record pre-configured drop-down activities, free format text inputs, leave and absences.
  • Paperless Dockets – Convert paper dockets and documents to electronic mobile documents through a powerful form builder platform. Create digital forms for all remote tasks including image capture and signature capture and assign to individuals, divisions or specific projects.
  • FleetHire – An enterprise resource planning program for hire businesses, encompassing client, scheduling, financial and asset management. Auto generate quotes, contracts and invoices and manage hire terms such as stand downs and asset utilisation through real-time data via the fitted telematics equipment.
  • Inducted – An online contractor and employee induction tool, simplifying the delivery of occupational health and safety content and company policies. Share corporate and site-specific content remotely to inductees, manage, VOCs and centralise storage of tickets and licences.
  • Ultrashield – A collision prevention system providing additional safety to prevent near misses and incidents for mine and construction workers, while on foot, operating machinery or driving within a specified perimeter.

Providing Tailored Software Solutions

TFO takes great pride in its ability to develop innovative software solutions for industry requirements and its clients’ specific needs through their team of in-house project managers, multi-language developers and hardware specialists who are accustomed to tackling a range of challenges.

These challenges have included the development of a range of solutions to drive enhanced safety, compliance, efficiency, and operational initiatives.

A recent example of the innovative approach TFO undertakes is the work completed in-conjunction with dredging, civil and marine construction company Hall Contracting.

Hall’s faced a challenge and extreme risks to both workers and equipment while maintaining marine based boost pumps on a dredging project in Northern Queensland. TFO were able to quickly develop and deploy remote management tools, which enabled engineers to monitor and maintain the high value equipment without the need to physically attend the equipment and be exposed to several environmental and mechanical risks.

More recently TFO provided Hall Contracting and other TFO clients with mobile applications to deal with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This involved TFO developing new components to their online Induction program, ensuring all staff and contractors are COVID-19 compliant before entering any worksites.

Jim Lee said the additional COVID-19 components were finalised in less than a day and pointed to the importance of keeping civil construction staff employed and companies operating while keeping the industry and its workforce safe.

“These are just a couple of examples of our reactive and pragmatic approach to solving real-world operational challenges in the construction industry. From my experience in both the armed forces and managing a large fleet of construction equipment new challenges can arise on an almost daily basis. “Our platform has been designed to enable us to react swiftly and effectively with the objective of providing game changing solutions to our clients to minimise risk and maximise productivity as well as enhance safety,” Jim added.

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