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The evolution of excellence: Volvo’s new L350H2

Volvo's new L350H2 wheel loader

Building on the success of its predecessor, Volvo Construction Equipment has launched its updated 56-tonne L350H2 loader, complete with a host of upgrades to increase productivity, fuel efficiency and profitability.

The Volvo L350H2 is designed to handle  demanding tasks in construction, quarrying, mining and other challenging environments, and represents Volvo’s commitment to providing eco-friendly solutions in the heavy machinery sector.

“The big difference between this L350H2 compared to the existing one is the new drivetrain, new transmission, and new axles,” says Hayden Grant, national product manager at CJD Equipment, Volvo CE’s national distributor.

“Over the years Volvo have built on their experience and worked closely with customers to improve these machines,” says Hayden. “Now, in 2023, Volvo have introduced exciting new features that have made it our flagship loader. These upgrades make it even more efficient and productive.”

Inside view of the Volvo L350H2's cab
The Volvo L350H2 not only enhances productivity but also prioritises operator safety and comfort.

Enhanced performance

With its robust construction and impressive lifting capacities, the L350H2 is built to tackle heavy loads with ease. A highly notable improvement on the L350H2 wheel loader is that it boasts a more responsive hydraulics system featuring new lift and tilt cylinders, and an increased hydraulic working pressure for up to 10 per cent faster work cycles and higher productivity.

Volvo hydraulics are manufactured using only the highest quality components, designed specifically for machines, like the L350H2, to deliver superior precision and machine functionality.

At the heart of the Volvo hydraulic system is the load-sensing technology, which continuously monitors and adjusts the hydraulic flow and pressure according to the load requirements. This dynamic system ensures that power is distributed precisely where it is needed, resulting in efficient operation and reduced energy consumption.

“The L350H2 is the ideal production loader for all applications, from load and carry to moving quarried material,” Hayden says. “Its ability to move tonnes per hour, with more tonnes per litre of fuel burnt makes it a fantastic piece of machinery in terms of efficiency and sustainability.”

With the additional on-board weighing option, operators can know the current load in the bucket and exactly how much has been unloaded for the current task, whether that be loading a truck or stockpiling.

The L350H2 is built to tackle heavy loads with ease.

Easy operation

Operators can rely on fast cycle times thanks to the updated driveline, featuring new Volvo axels and all new Volvo transmission. These updates enable the third generation of Volvo Opti-Shift with lock-up converter and Reverse-By-Breaking technology.

Volvo’s new Opti-Shift transmission offers smooth shifting with automatic lock-up in second, third and fourth gear, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact while maintaining productivity and operator comfort.

In load and carry applications, like forestry, it’s common for operators to use the gear shifter to change between reverse and forward without applying the breaks. Deceleration is handled by the torque converter in such cases, resulting in energy loss and places a lot of strain on the converter due to heat transfer. Volvo’s Reverse-by-Breaking (RBB) function recognises the speed, direction, and throttle position and applies the service brake to slow the machine, saving fuel and reducing converter wear.

Already found on the Volvo L110H and L260H, this new Opti-Shift technology integrates the RBB function and the lock-up function in transmission to boost fuel efficiency by up to 15 per cent.

With its advanced technology and intelligent features, the Volvo L350H2 not only enhances productivity but also prioritises operator safety and comfort. From heavy lifting to delicate operations, the L350H2 delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and control, making it a top choice for construction, mining, and other demanding applications.

Volvo Construction Equipment is well known as one of the world’s best manufacturers of high-quality, and technologically advanced equipment – and CJD Equipment have been proudly offering their products to the Australian market for close to half a century.

Together, CJD Equipment and Volvo CE provide a range of premium machinery suited to Australia’s unique industry requirements to deliver a range of productivity, fuel efficiency and safety solutions for a highly productive operation.

CJD Equipment has an extensive national support network in place to ensure you are well supported, no matter where or when.

For more information contact your local CJD branch on 1300 139 804 or visit: www.cjd.com.au


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