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The Dieci Icarus, one versatile machine

Built for the construction industry, the Dieci Icarus 40.17 features an impressive 17m reach height and 4-tonne lift capacity with a 93kW FPT – NEF engine.

The high-quality Italian made Icarus has been designed for Australian safety and compliance standards with an ergonomically designed cabin and controls for supreme operator comfort.

The engine hood has been designed to reduce noise emission and optimise heat dissipation. In addition to this, the soundproof closed cab is also ROPS-FOPS approved and comes with semi-automatic air conditioning, a joystick with integrated FNR (Forward, Neutral, Reverse) and deadman capacitive sensor and front glass protection.

Since the Icarus has been designed to operate in workplaces that can be dusty, it has been equipped with a separator pre-filter applied to the air filter, which prevents the entrance of dust and abrasive particles, allowing greater efficiency and a longer engine life. It can also be fitted with a reversable fan for increased ease of machine maintenance.

All Dieci machines are fitted with a load limiting device that analyses the data of the stability of the machine and if the pre-set limit is reached, it automatically stops all compromising movements.

The versatility of the Dieci Icarus lends itself well to new and small businesses thanks in part to the many available attachments.

It comes with standard 1200mm floating forks but with the addition of a basket the Icarus becomes an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) suitable for work on infrastructure projects or in warehouses. Other attachments like buckets, jibs, winches, trestles and grabs allow the Icarus to be used as a loader or crane and much more.

Together with their in-house engineers, AWD Group has worked closely with its customers and is an expert in the equipment needs of Australia’s diverse construction sector. Using this expertise, AWD Group designs and manufactures a wide range of purpose-built attachments to suit your specific requirements.

So, no matter the application we are sure that the Dieci Icarus and accompanying attachments will be the perfect addition to your construction site.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]To find out more about the Dieci Icarus 40.17 and the range of Dieci Telehandlers you can contact AWD Group on 1300 888 479 or visit their website,[/colored_box]

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