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A simple, versatile solution to hydraulic fitting issues: Gates MegaCrimp®.

In heavy duty hydraulic applications, strength and reliability are everything and the last thing you need is for your most critical components to fail. Fitting failure can lead to lost productivity and downtime – neither of which is desirable. When you need a strong and leak-proof seal, get the best.

Gates MegaCrimp® Fittings are an industry-leading solution to common fitting issues, including weeps, leakage and corrosion.

Featuring our exclusive TuffCoat® plating, MegaCrimp® fittings have four times more corrosion resistance than before. That’s 400 hours of red rust corrosion protection when subjected to rigorous SAE-J516 and ASTMP-117 salt-spray conditions – a 500 per cent improvement over the 72-hour SAE standard. We haven’t just raised the bar on corrosion resistance – we’ve set the standard.

We’ve designed a solution to your weeping problems too in MegaCrimp®’s unique ‘C’ insert, which starts round and stays round during crimping. The ‘C’ insert facilitates an even distribution of crimping forces to form a concentric seal, ensuring a weep-free crimp that keeps your equipment and the environment clean; and a one size insert can fit many different hoses outside diameters on both one and two-wire braided hoses, simplifying your inventory requirements.

MegaCrimp® fittings provide a leak-proof seal that’s so innovative, it’s patented. In fact, it surpassed one million impulse cycles during design testing; so good that the MegaCrimp® hose assemblies are rated to three times the SAE standard for impulse cycles.

MegaCrimp® fittings are designed to give you greater security. Once inserted, they stay inserted and won’t slip off or lose retention prior to crimping, ensuring a better, more reliable crimp. MegaCrimp® fittings are not too tight and not too loose – in fact, you can feel them “hit bottom” when you insert them. The advanced design of the MegaCrimp® tooth profile “bites the wire”, holding the fitting in place – unlike some of our competitors’ products which rely on compression of the rubber tube and cover.

We’ve even solved the issue of cracked coupling nuts or seats due to over-torquing. All MegaCrimp® fittings come standard with Gates Full-Torque Nut™ technology, meaning they’re the toughest nuts to crack.

In Gates Full-Torque Nut™ fittings, a large holding shoulder evenly distributes stress forces at the nut for higher resistance against cracking, even if the fitting is inadvertently over-torqued, for a stronger and more durable fitting than the traditional staked nut design. That means no installation leaks, less time spent re-tightening connections and no more cracked nuts, keeping your equipment on the job for years to come.

MegaCrimp® fittings work in conjunction with the full range of Gates wire-braid and thermoplastic hoses, including M3K Mega3000®, TH7 and TH8, G1 and G2 and more, creating unbeatable combinations of reliability, durability and strength.

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