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Liebherr LH 24 M Material Handler

Liebherr has a long and successful history (over 50 years) of building high-end machines for serious material handling. However, the latest generations in the Liebherr stable are high spec machines that have been specifically designed to excel in resource and scrap handling.

If you’re scared of heights, these babies might not be your cup of tea because the cabin raises to more than 5.3m. If you don’t mind a bird’s eye view when it comes to loading and handling material, the LH 24 M might just be the best machine available for the job. You won’t find a better perspective when it comes to loading, sorting and handling. With a range of attachments, the LH 24 M is perfect for sorting, recycling, waste handling and composting.


The Liebherr LH 24 M has a pile of torque and has improved power and performance from its previous model utilizing the Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE). This new system provides the lowest specific fuel use, all while generating the same high level of performance. Load peaks have been cleverly compensated, which means maximum torque is available at all times for maximum handling capacity. Even when loaded the machine had plenty of guts when you need it.

Fantastic optimization between the engine and the control valve provided a quick and direct response from the hydraulics to the input command. The movements are proportionally controlled, which provide a smooth and gentle action when moving the joystick. There is nothing worse than sudden jumpy movements, especially when you’re over 5m in the air. The Liebherr material handler range of excavators is ultra-smooth and enjoyable to operate. They are available in various size wheeled, tracked and also electric drive versions and are designed to perform in the harshest environments.

The four-stroke 150hp common rail turbocharged and after cooled stage IV Liebherr diesel engine is a beast. The common rail injection system delivers maximum efficiency while providing maximum torque. Even at low speeds, the engine offers maximum torque with low fuel consumption. On top of that, it is a robust and reliable machine.

There is a pile of well thought-out machine controls that guarantee the hydraulics are fully primed for the task at hand. The load sensing control ensures the flow delivered by the pump is optimally distributed when movements overlap. Speed and power are available whenever needed. In short, the machine is fully primed and ready to smash into any task regardless of the power required.

Hydraulics and the engine have been perfectly balanced, so even the gentlest inputs on the joystick deliver smooth and precise movements.


By utilizing in-house developed sophisticated engine technology and improved demand-controlled hydraulics, Liebherr has developed a high productivity machine that offers excellent economy, which is a great value long-term investment. Features like automatic idling and engine shut down contribute to the efficiency of the LH 24 M. The vanes of the fan are also driven regardless of the diesel engine, providing optimized and exact cooling. The thermal sensors guarantee reliable, need-based and accurate control.

Regardless of your needs or applications, you will find the perfect Liebherr tool to increase productivity of the machine. The robust and service-friendly slew drive can be turned 360 degrees. With the Liebherr Likufix quick coupling systems, you will be reducing your attachment change over time by up to 30 per cent.

When it comes to efficient management, Liebherr has its own data management and positioning system (LiDAT) to ensure you are up to date with current and accurate monitoring and control of the entire fleet concerning data recording, data analysis, fleet park management and service. All-important machinery data can be viewed at any time on a web server resulting in quick detection of strain/overload and subsequently a longer service life of the machine.

Enhanced safety has long been a focus of Liebherr and the combination of pipe fracture safety valves, working range limiters, overload warning device and load torque limitation all contribute to making the LH 24 M an extremely safe machine.


Stability is a massive factor with any machine capable of handling significant loads, and even more so for a machine with a cab that can elevate to over 5.3m. The design of the LH 24 M undercarriage optimizes the way forces are positioned on the components, which in turn minimizes stress. Combined with some very intelligent support geometry, maximum stability and durability are guaranteed.


A happy and comfortable operator is key for any successful machine. The LH 24 M has a bunch of features that combine to create a winning operator experience. The ergonomics set a fantastic starting point for this machine. It just feels right – from the locations of the controls and the joystick to the very impressive all-around vision, the low noise levels and the colour touch  screen display, this machine ticks all the boxes when it comes to a great cab. When we say low noise, we mean it. The use of viscoelastic mounts, great insulation and low-noise diesel engine produces just 70DBA inside the cab and 100DBA out. Abandoning the steering wheel in favour of joystick steering provides excellent additional legroom and fantastic vision of the front working area.


Over the years, the name Liebherr has always evoked thoughts of high quality, powerful and precise machines and the LH 24 M will only boost that reputation with its host of high-quality design, in-house manufacturing components, innovations and attention to details. The focus of the machine is squarely

The standard joystick steering provides the operator with an additional comfort boost that reputation with its host of high-quality design, in-house manufacturing components, innovations and attention to details. The focus of the machine is squarely aimed at performance and comfort – it will impress across all fronts. From the intuitive 7” colour touch screen and proportional controls to the modern deluxe cab, mobile 4-point outriggers and 5.3m hydraulic cab elevation, this machine is kicking goals from all over the field.

Combining reliability with comfort, maintainability, performance and technology, the Liebherr LH 24 M Material Handler will become a valuable addition to any operation.

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