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Terex: Quite a Site Dumper


Terex Site Dumpers are hardy machines that can muscle through any job, just ask Anthony Di Cello from PND Civil who’s currently using them on Sydney’s massive light rail project.

Anthony Di Cello knows his stuff, having spent almost half his life working in civil construction. “My first job in the industry was for TRN Group as a labourer,” the 33-year-old Sydney-sider recounted.

“Following that I was employed by several civil contractors in a supervisory capacity, before I decided to have a go on my own and form my own business.”

In 2010 Anthony started PND Civil Group.

Specialising in utilities construction and installation, the company undertakes civil infrastructure works with services including directional drilling, non-destructive excavation, hazardous waste removal, acoustic and retaining walls, detailed excavation, drainage and culverts, kerbs and gutters, plant hire and more.

“My focus was, and still is today, to build a business that is recognised as a self-performing civil contractor that can deliver turnkey solutions to the civil sector,” explains Di Cello. “Over the last seven years PND Civil has grown significantly to the level of preferred contractor status to several Tier 1 organisations carrying out major infrastructure works within the Sydney and Newcastle areas.”

To accomplish their large-scale, heavy-duty tasks PND Civil uses an extensive range of earthmoving equipment, and with Anthony’s long-standing bond with Sydney Trucks & Machinery Centre (STM), they are his go-to choice when it comes to quality machinery.

“I’ve had a relationship with the directors of STM through my early years as an apprentice panel beater,” he says. “This relationship with Michael Gerace has developed to a respectful, professional and personal level. I selected STM as our preferred provider of equipment due to their level of customer service and expertise in their industry. STM provide a broad selection of options to our business including excavators, dumpers, skid steer loaders, trucks and specialised equipment.”




The latest gems Anthony has added to his crowning fleet are a couple of next generation Terex site dumpers, but he’s not using these for some small backyard job, he’s putting them to the test on the job site of the enormous Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail project that’s been commissioned on behalf of Acciona.

With the knowledge and backing of over 60 years in the game, Terex’s versatile machines are built to handle the toughest of environments, all the while maintaining the highest level of operator comfort and safety.

Perfect for big jobs in small spaces, their site dumpers deliver outstanding levels of power, torque and economy, offering increased performance for greater productivity.

Their short wheelbase allows for a superior turning circle; the open, ergonomic operator’s platform provides unrivalled visibility; the swivel skip can pack a payload-and-a-half and dump it just as quick with ultimate precision; and the super-sturdy frame doesn’t limit the accessibility to the guts of the machine, making for easy servicing.




The new Terex TA9S boasts even more features. With a top speed of almost 25km/hr, the stand out additions to this model are the Auto–Shift function, which selects the right gear for the right job by assessing torque demand, and the patented Stop–Start option, reducing service intervals, higher RV and saving even more fuel.

“The Terex TA6S and TA9S have proven to be efficient in their ability to work within confined spaces and material handling,” says PND’s Managing Director.

With even bigger plans for the future, Anthony Di Cello’s ties with STM and their terrific Terex site dumpers will surely only strengthen.

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