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Takeuchi TB257FR Excavator: High Performance And Unique Features

For many years, a clear market favourite has been the Takeuchi TB153FR, whose owners have become so attached to this super-reliable performer that a huge user base exits throughout Australia. Many of these machines are still going strong after 10,000 hours of trouble-free operation.

Spending long hours operating an excavator on different sites gives you an intimate understanding of a machine’s capabilities. You become very aware of how efficiently the excavator is handling the job. More importantly, long experience on any machine will show how reliability and performance may dramatically affect your profitability.

No excavator manufacturer understands the needs of earthmoving contractors better than Takeuchi, whose reputation has been built on customer engagement and feedback from machine owners. These valuable insights are backed by best practice engineering design and a commitment to robust construction for reliability and high productivity.

Building on the huge success of this winning model, it has now received a full design upgrade as model TB257FR, a six-tonne excavator that retains the most popular features of its predecessor, as well as incorporating loads of added benefits.

The unique Side-to-Side (STS) boom configuration is what sets the TB257FR apart from the competition with this latest model being described as the most versatile machine on the market. Takeuchi says its performance specifications and standard of build of the TB257R are beyond any other machine in its class.

The Takeuchi STS boom system allows offset digging left or right without having to reposition the excavator, enabling 360-degree rotation nearly within the machine’s footprint. The STS boom also keeps the counterweight in line with the centre of the excavator for added stability, particularly in jobs such as bridge and road infrastructure, urban streets, and while performing challenging tasks between buildings and structures where there are tight space restrictions.

This excavator’s Tier 4 39KW engine produces a 32 per cent increase in power output over the previous model, as well as a 19 percent increase in traction force/pushing power to 66.9kN. Upgraded hydraulics include high hydraulic output, a total combined flow rate of 175LPM (2x VDAP & 2x gear pumps), a programmable and proportional high-flow auxiliary circuit with output of 105LPM and a second low- flow auxiliary circuit.

Automatic step-down travel motors provide torque on demand when pushing, climbing, or turning in high speed mode. There is an automatic fail-safe mechanical parking brake, high-torque planetary final drives, an automatic slew brake with shockless relief valve, a heavy-duty backfill blade and boom and arm holding valves.

Operators will appreciate the spacious, well-appointed cabin which is to a standard usually found only on 8-tonne class models. The cabin features a large multifunction monitor panel, electronic throttle control, rocker switches that control a wide range of functions, deluxe high back suspension seat and a large floor area that provides extra legroom and comfort.

Maintenance and serviceability have been greatly improved, such as an enhanced forward tilting cab design that allows for much easier access to the hydraulic control valve, slew motor, and swivel joint. In addition, the counterweight has been redesigned to allow for easier access to the engine for daily maintenance checks and service. There is also a very handy retractable fuel transfer pump.

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