Takeuchi® TB230 Delivers

For the last 25 years, Fenech Groundworx has been preparing residential construction sites for building companies; undertaking concrete preparation works for driveways and footpaths. As well as working for builders, they carry out work for homeowners including landscaping, concreting and retaining walls.

Last year, Steve Fenech took delivery of Australia’s first Takeuchi TB230 excavator, expecting it to produce the high performance needed to perform a wide variety of challenging tasks.

“With many of our assignments being for project builders, speed, precision and reliability in getting projects completed on time is very important,” said Steve.

“Having owned and operated many brands of equipment over the years, we had a good idea of what type of excavator we needed to keep the business at peak efficiency and maintain our high level of customer service.

“After evaluating the options, we decided on the new model Takeuchi TB230 excavator. The main reason for the decision was our priority for a highly engineered, rugged excavator that would keep performing faultlessly day after day.

The quality and engineering of this excavator is first class.

“It’s our first Takeuchi machine and has now been working for 12 months and its performance has fully met our expectations.

It has proven its reliability, regardless of how tough the tasks – the quality is brilliant. It’s a powerful excavator and at 1450mm wide it’s so easy to access most jobsites being only 150mm wider than a 1.7 tonne excavator with extended tracks.

“While working space is not always an issue, the modest tail-swing radius of only 1330mm works well for us and gives us a 79/58 degrees left/right boom swing angle, so the machine has full stability, despite its compact dimensions.

“This 3-tonne class machine can easily load over the side of a truck and really packs a punch with its powerful, yet quiet and smooth 17.6kW Yanmar diesel engine.

It also has ample first auxiliary hydraulic output, which is more than enough to drive a PD3 Digga auger in tough conditions.

“Moving the TB230 excavator and its attachments between jobsites is easy, thanks to our 4.5 tonne GVM rating all-alloy trailer,” Steve said.

Since its introduction, users of the TB230 have appreciated its design enhancements, which includes a generously proportioned, full-sized operator station with ROPS and FOPS protection that can comfortably and safely accommodate well-built operators all day.

This model also incorporates a Takeuchi craning system, which means you can safely control the lifting of suspended loads, even when you don’t know their exact mass.

This system includes anti-drop valves and warns of an unstable positon and then stops excessive reach… you can retract the load but not go beyond a safe radius.

Other attractive features include Takeuchi’s standard multi-flanged roller system that helps reduce the risk of de-tracking on side slopes and an auto downshift transmission system, which protects the system from overload by shifting down to low range and then back up when resistance is reduced.

With easy maintenance in mind, service points are quickly and easily accessed to ensure nothing gets missed in the maintenance routine as a way of reducing maintenance costs over the life of the machine.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]More information on the Takeuchi TB230 excavator may be found at www.takeuchi.com.au or call 1800 685 525.[/colored_box]

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