Takeuchi® Sub 2-ton Excavators Shine


The TB210R is solidly constructed with all steel fabricated body parts, making it an attractive and robust proposition for contractors whose machines are in constant use.

With ever-increasing pressure on excavation contractors to work within spaces that are constrained or present difficult access, it comes as no surprise to find strong demand for machinery that’s compact, flexible and powerful.

Mini excavators that can drive a variety of tools to handle the tough stuff are a valuable asset on larger jobs that may include removal of heavy rubble, trenching for foundations, ripping up old paving, degraded plumbing and other site services. Properly matched trenching buckets, post hole drilling augers or rock breakers that are matched to the machine’s capabilities can help you manage the unexpected.

While super compact machinery is great for getting into those narrow places, you still need enough power to tackle those tough jobs and get them done quickly and efficiently.

A typical example of a small yet powerful machine which many contractors find essential for their fleet is the Takeuchi® TB210R excavator. This machine weighs 1150kg and the machine’s 750mm wide tracks are able to be hydraulically expanded up to 1020mm.

Operator safety is always a consideration, therefore an integrated fold-down ROPS is standard. Even the toughest jobs can be tackled with specially matched attachments – all driven by a gutsy, smooth and quiet Kubota 8.6kW three-cylinder diesel engine.

Takeuchi designers have ensured ease of operation and dexterity by incorporating full hydraulic servo levers and controls which have a two-pattern change-over selector. The TB210R is solidly constructed with all steel fabricated body parts, making it an attractive and robust proposition for contractors whose machines are in constant use.



The market has enthusiastically embraced this new model. One contracting company that has found success in its mini excavator fleet is Kanga Excavation Services Pty Ltd.

A local club is a community hub for meeting and social activities and as members age, stairs may pose a problem. Sydney’s Gladesville Bowling and Sports Club is improving access for its less mobile visitors by replacing stairs with a new elevator. KangEx specialises in tight access excavations and was sub-contracted to undertake the excavation work for construction of the new lift shaft.

Demolishing the existing staircase and excavating to prepare concrete works for the new elevator is via an internal bar area with a standard door opening. In addition to tight access, the bar area’s carpets and fittings needed to be protected while equipment is driven through to the worksite.

KangEx had recently acquired a new Takeuchi TB210R mini excavator which has been designed for tight access applications.

The excavator is equipped with an ultra-low emission Tier 4 engine and to enable it to work indoors it has been specially fitted with a catalytic converter which eliminates 90 per cent of carbon monoxide emissions.

The company’s Stefan Millar explained this was his second Takeuchi excavator; a purchase decision based on performance, reliability and the unique specifications of the machine.

“There is no other excavator in the same class as this one. It’s the only machine that will get into the places needed by our tight access projects,” says Stefan.

“The TB210R can do the work of a 1.7-ton machine, with the added benefit of adjustable tracks which retract to 750mm, as well as excellent power, full-function joystick controls, great digging depth and the ability to run a range of attachments. I haven’t had to use a 1.7-ton machine since we have had this excavator.

“In terms of productivity, it’s probably the best machinery investment we have made.

Our policy is to retain our machines as long as possible and this is why the Takeuchi reliability is critical for our business,” he says.

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