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Takeuchi® releases TB2150R


Takeuchi® has released the TB2150R heavy duty short-radius excavator.

Productivity and efficiency are the prime goals of earthmoving contractors who are always looking for ways to optimise their equipment investment. The right balance of power, flexibility, speed and safety ensures operators get the job done on time, safely and without damage to their equipment or third-party assets.

Reduced tail-swing excavators have been a game-changer in getting in closer to the work area by reducing time for operators to check their rear or slow down machine cab movement before swinging a loaded bucket. Like their smaller counterparts, reduced radius configurations on larger, more powerful excavators have enabled them to be more manoeuvrable, while maintaining superior power and the added benefit of spacious cabs for operator comfort.


The introduction of the Takeuchi TB2150R reduced tail-swing excavator has expanded the range of options available to earthmoving contractors, equipment rental organisations and fleet owners. This recently released model will have broad appeal for plant hire businesses, demolition contractors, drainage and landscaping contractors or construction companies undertaking basement excavations.

Designed to address the challenges of operating a larger machine close to buildings, infrastructure or other equipment on site, the 17-tonne TB2150R incorporates all the advanced features of the conventional swing TB2150 with swing boom. The difference between the models is the TB2150R’s extended track length, reduced tailswing and fixed boom, conventionally mounted beside the cabin that provides stability to offset the change to the counterweight position.


An innovative feature of this machine is the in-cabin adjustable hydraulic flow on the auxiliary line/s 1, 2 and 4 (up to four sets can be ordered). This gives precise control where operators are using attachments with differing hydraulic flow demands. This system enables optimal performance for a range of tools pre-programmed into the dashboard’s memory.

Two sets of auxiliary service piping feature modulated proportional control, with the main being programmable for both flow and relief pressure to perfectly suit different tools and attachments. Where operators may need both attachments for a project, they are able to select from a menu of pre-sets to deploy the optimum hydraulic pressure for the task.

The restricted radius TB2150R gives operators more space in which to work on a site and provides better peace of mind knowing that there’s less likelihood of accidental damage to objects on site or to the machine itself. Fleet owners have also expressed a preference for restricted tail-swing machines as they may not always be able to rely on the operator to keep an eye out on what is happening behind.




The operator’s station on the TB2150R has been completely revamped with an automotive-styled interior that is operator friendly. A spacious cabin features a heated deluxe high back air suspension seat, and the new colour multi-information display keeps the operator informed of machine performance.

In addition, the excavator includes boom and arm holding valves, an overload alarm, and a new rear view camera to view objects behind the machine on the colour monitor.

While the machine is designed for ground-level servicing, a well-positioned hand rail ensures operator safety when accessing the machine’s upper deck.

Power is provided by a gutsy, yet super-quiet Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 engine and which is rated at Stage IV/ T4 Final, with an output of 85kW. Digging depth is 5500mm with a maximum reach of 8330mm.

Serviceability and uptime have been improved by simplifying access to key maintenance items. This includes a nearly five per cent increase in fuel tank capacity and the engine does not have a diesel particulate filter to maintain. In addition, the machine comes standard with Takeuchi’s new telematics system, Takeuchi Fleet Management.


For applications where an excavator is required to operate on railway or other works with overhead wires, bridges or other low hanging infrastructure, the TB2150R has an optional two-piece boom available on special factory order. This option also satisfies the demands of fleet owners who need maximum extension by an ability to flatten the stick and boom.

“The new TB2150R represents Takeuchi’s commitment to continuous product improvement so we can provide the latest in technology and performance to our customers,” said Semco’s Graham Murphy.

“The TB215R0 is more capable, comfortable and spacious than its predecessor, and our customers will find it to be an exceptional value and upgrade.”

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