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Takeuchi At Bauma 2019

One of the very first Aussie’s we caught up with was Stuart Marriott from Semco Equipment Sales, who is the Australian Takeuchi, National Sales Manager based in Melbourne.

There was a lot to talk about the range but the standout was the Takeuchi TB370, which is a new class of machine at 7 tonne. Stuart shared, “Apart from being a brand new class, which will be an exciting new addition for many operators in Australia, it also comes with a new hydraulically adjustable linkage at the front, which provides good bucket rotation and bucket curl in one mode. In the power mode it will increase digging power and breakout force – and better yet you can swap between these two modes with a push of a button.”

Takeuchi’s continued focus on safety has seen the addition of three cameras mounted on the rear and sides of the machine, which moulds into a 270-degree full-color image on the LCD inside the cab.

I could tell that Stuart still had something pretty special to share and he led me around to the other side of the very impressive Takeuchi display. I could see a crowd hovering around a pretty impressive looking mini-excavator. As it turned out this machine was the TB220e and it was a lot more impressive than its good looks portrayed. This fully electric powered compact excavator is set to break new ground for sustainability and environmental technology within the construction industry.

This 100 percent battery-powered zero emission excavator has reduced emissions, but also significantly reduced service and operational costs, as well as noise and vibration to make it perfect for working in urban and highly congested areas. With a full 8-hour working time and as short as a 4-hour recharge time with a 380V to 480V external charger, this machine is going to be a winner.

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