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Support by the bucketload: Enviropacific and Allu

Enviropacific's Allu bucket on a Komatsu wheel loader

EEM checks in with the team at remediation experts Enviropacific, who are putting a custom Allu screening and crushing bucket from QLD Rock Breakers through its paces on a site in Western Sydney.


Enviropacific is a leading provider of environmentally-focused services to projects across Australia – from soil remediation to water and resource recovery.

Enviropacific’s Shaun Walshe and Rodney Gray with their Allu bucket
Enviropacific’s Shaun Walshe (left) and Rodney Gray. Image: Prime Creative Media

“Enviropacific started approximately 22 years ago, in conjunction with Daracon Group, which is a company based out of Newcastle,” says Rodney Gray, Enviropacific’s National Plant and Fleet Manager.

“And from there, it grew up and opened an office in Sydney. And now we’ve got offices in all the major cities in Australia. We now employ a staff of around 250.

“We specialise in site remediation, treatment of PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances), asbestos and other hazardous waste management – basically any sort of remediation works.”

On any given job, the Enviropacific team typically utilises a range of machinery and attachments, including excavators and wheel loaders equipped with anything from hammers to shears. But Rodney points to the Enviropacific’s range of Allu buckets as some of the most important attachments to its operations.

Cross-state Allu service networks are crucial for Enviropacific’s national project demands. Image: Prime Creative Media

“We currently have six Allu buckets in the fleet,” he says. “QLD Rock Breakers is our main to go-to supplier for these attachments – for anything from daily maintenance servicing to full overhauls. We’ve been dealing with them for seven or eight years now.”

Rodney says his team has stuck with QLD Rock Breakers for several reasons, a big one being the support coverage on offer.

“A lot of our work is in remote areas,” he says. “And QLD Rock Breakers services all those areas for us, and supplies us with local mechanics who can provide us with the service required to maintain the buckets.”

QLD Rock Breakers’ workshop can customise Allu buckets to customer specification. Image: Prime Creative Media

Custom care

QLD Rock Breakers, a subsidiary of machinery and excavator parts business RDW, is the exclusive dealer for Allu products in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

“We supply a wide range of hydraulic attachments and products to the earthmoving industry,” says Peter Muirhead, After Sales and Service at QLD Rock Breakers.

“We also have a full-service workshop with four dedicated service technicians, as well as capabilities for external servicing. And we carry an extensive range of parts and components for most makes and models of hydraulic attachments that we carry – from Allu buckets to Simex rotary cutters to Rammer rock breakers, and more.”

Enviropacific recently took delivery of a customised Allu TS Screener Crusher bucket, which was imported and assembled by QLD Rock Breakers before being carted down to NSW to work its magic in Western Sydney.

“It’s a standard Allu bucket that we’ve imported from Finland, brought into our workshop, then dismantled and rebuilt it with an axe blade configuration to suit Enviropacific’s specific application,” Peter says.

The axe blade cutters were chosen in place of straight cutters to help the Enviropacific team deal with difficult clay material, and the results so far have been positive.

A commitment to long-term relationships fuels Allu dealer QLD Rock Breakers’ success. Image: Prime Creative Media

“We were having issues with other buckets getting jammed up, and we couldn’t meet production rates – but this new bucket is doing the job for us,” Rodney says. “The idea is the axe blade cutters pull the material through as opposed to letting it jam up in the bucket.”

Shaun Walshe, one of Enviropacific’s experienced and multi-skilled operators, has been trialling the new Allu bucket on-site in Western Sydney, and says it has boosted their production dramatically.

“This bucket will grind up rocks, concrete, anything at all – and we’re flying through it,” he says. “If it wasn’t for this bucket, I’d be using a sifting bucket on the end of an excavator, which would take us 10 times longer.”

Axe blade cutters have proven a game-changer for Enviropacific’s production rates. Image: Prime Creative Media

Extra miles

Peter says QLD Rock Breakers and RDW place a great deal of importance on establishing relationships for the long haul – an ethos he says everyone working at the company buys into.

“RDW started in 1988, and we still regularly deal with customers we’ve had from the very start,” he says.

“That’s something we’re very proud of, and all our employees are all on the same page. It’s a total earthmoving equipment solution that we provide – from the initial phone call to the aftersales support, servicing, and spare parts.”

For products crossing state lines, just like Enviropacific’s latest, Peter says an extended service network of Allu dealers ensures a skilled and knowledgeable expert is never far away.

“Enviropacific has a national presence in pretty much every major centre in Australia, so they need to know their Allu products will be looked after, wherever the job,” Peter says.

Shaun says the new Allu bucket grinds up rocks and concrete with ease. Image: Prime Creative Media

Rodney says the team at QLD Rock Breakers has repeatedly gone above and beyond in their support – especially important considering the sort of time-sensitive projects that Enviropacific undertakes regularly.

“I can’t really complain about the backup support from QLD Rock Breakers, to be honest with you,” he says.

“There’s one older Allu bucket that we’ve had in our fleet for probably eight years, a discontinued model, with very limited parts availability for it. We got it to Peter at QLD Rock Breakers, and he managed to source parts for us – even though a lot of the parts were discontinued ¬– and do a complete rebuild.

“So, a big thank you to them for keeping us going. A lot of the work we do is on airports, so it’s critical that we have continuation of work, and that our operations aren’t held up by an issue with our equipment.

“QLD Rock Breakers provides us with that service, and that limits our downtime.”

Enviropacific has provided remediation solutions across Australia for more than two decades. Image: Prime Creative Media

About Allu

Manufactured in Finland, the Allu screener crusher bucket range is among the widest spanning on the market, with units available to fit almost any base machine – from the compact DL Series, that suits excavators from four to 12 tonnes, through to the M Series, which will fit excavators up to 160 tonnes and wheel loaders up to 90 tonnes.

Allu’s extensive range of products is distributed to more than 30 countries around the world and are available across Australia throughout the authorised dealership network, which will also conduct any maintenance required.

For more information contact the Allu dealer in your state:

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