Summer Is Here And It’s Getting Hot

The EZ17 mini-excavator from Wacker Neuson is happy to continue working even when the temperature is 45 degrees Celsius ; that’s right, 45 degrees Celsius!

Most other mini excavators in the market barely make it to 32 degrees Celsius before the engine starts to de-rate and digging performance loss occurs. NOT the EZ17 from Wacker Neuson, it continues to perform up to 45 degrees Celsius before the engine starts to de-rate.

Have You Ever Wondered Why You See Excavators Working With Engine Covers Open?

For a mini excavator that isn’t rated to 45 degrees Celsius you will often see the engine bay cover open or other guards around the engine. Why are they doing this? Simple, they are trying to get some air flow to the engine to cool it down to try and maintain engine performance. Not an issue for the EZ17 from Wacker Neuson, the excavator keeps working without the chance to damage open engine compartment doors or even worse forgetting a cover was removed and leaving it at the job.

Powerful Performance

The EZ17 has a powerful and reliable 13.4kW Yanmar diesel that provides smooth, fuel efficient running with ample torque for all digging, loading and work tool tasks. The variable displacement pump and flow sharing main hydraulic valve give smooth and effortless operation. A standard counterweight extends performance further, particularly when using the long stick with extended radius heavy work tools and loads.

Productivity In Confined Areas

The zero tail swing EZ17 can work comfortably in confined work areas with the machine upper frame able to slew within its track width. Fitted with a telescopic undercarriage as standard, the machine can gain access into most areas when fully retracted to 990mm wide and once extended to its full 1300mm working width, the undercarriage affords excellent stability for even greater digging and loading performance.

The EZ17 is fitted as standard with a long dipper stick for greater reach over a short stick: an additional 140mm dig depth, an extra 114mm load height and 153mm more reach at ground level. Two-way auxiliary hydraulics allows the operation of a hydraulic hammer and of a bi-directional tool such as an auger. The optional second hydraulic function is operated by a proportional roller on the left-hand joystick. This includes a switch that allows the operator to vary the auxiliary hydraulic flow to suit each individual work tool.

Easy Routine Service

The durable steel panels are hinged and removable providing easy access for both routine and more in-depth maintenance. Improved service interval changes of 500 hours for engine oil, and 3000 hours for hydraulic oil, save time and reduce operating costs. A hard-nosed, common sense approach to servicing has seen the variety of bolt and nut sizes dramatically reduced. Armed only with a 17mm socket wrench or spanner, it’s possible to service most of the excavator’s critical components! A service valve has been fitted to the engine for speedy engine oil changes.

Everything For The Operator

The EZ17 sets new standards for overview, safety, leg room and operator comfort. Everything is in the right place, and falls easily to hand; there’s an uninterrupted view of the worksite and the immediate area around the machine; and the control pattern can be converted from ISO format to SAE (backhoe) format at the flip of a lever.

Functional Design

The EZ17 has two sturdy lifting brackets on the canopy roof allowing the easy and rapid relocation of the machine. The canopy can also be quickly and easily removed to permit movement through low height areas.

About Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson – all it takes! Wacker Neuson offers customers worldwide the promise of a comprehensive range of construction and compact equipment, spare parts, and related services. This includes internal and external vibrators for concrete compaction; trowels and screeds for concrete finishing; rammers, vibratory plates and rollers for soil compaction; demolition products and saws; lighting; generators; pumps; and heaters; as well as compact construction equipment, including excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, skid steer and compact track loaders, and dumpers. Wacker Neuson has earned its leading market position through an unwavering commitment to customers, as well as the reliability, performance, and innovation of its products. With corporate sales and service organisations in more than 35 countries, nine plants around the world, and an extensive dealer network, Wacker Neuson has a broad global presence in the construction, agriculture, landscaping, oil and gas, and municipal industries. In addition, Wacker Neuson provides solutions and services, such as financing, that meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

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