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Stucchi’s easy cup system enables efficient connection management

Quick couplings manufacturer Stucchi has long been an industry frontrunner when it comes to the development of innovative coupling solutions, with the Italian company’s Easy CUP (connection under pressure) technology paving the way for the safe, secure, and efficient management of connections under pressure.

Stucchi draws on over 60 years of manufac-turing knowledge, catering for a diverse range of markets, with the fluid connections and control specialist – which has maintained a local presence in Australia since 2013 – strongly focused on research and development.

This has been a strong theme since Stucchi brought its first series of flat face quick couplings to market in 1983, with it having over the years built a comprehensive product portfolio, distinguishing itself by developing products that are easy to use, safe, long lasting, environmentally friendly and which assist with energy efficiency.

Stucchi’s commitment to technological innovation is evident in the integration of its Easy CUP system with a wide range of products – including its flat face and flat face screw couplings, multi-couplings and monoblocks – assisting with productive operations across a range of industries and applications.

The Easy CUP system addresses the build-up of pressure inside closed hydraulic circuits – occurring as a result of an increase in temperatures in the surrounding environment – in enabling connections and disconnections to be made under pressure.

As Stucchi advises, throughout the course of the working day hydraulic circuits absorb heat, generated by interior fluid, the active machinery and sunlight, and when additional pressure is not disposed of it can remain inside the pipe, even when the machinery has been switched off.

This can consequently cause problems when connecting or disconnecting the lines, with the additional pressure creating a thrust that, in turn, creates a resistance, preventing the operation from being performed.

As a result, operators will need to undertake time-consuming procedures to eliminate the pressure, and in the case of earthmoving equipment moments of machine downtime can become a very frequent occurrence.

Stucchi’s Easy CUP technology is integrated with the following product lines:
• Flat face couplings: the APM male flat face quick coupling series allows for manual coupling with residual pressure in the circuit due to a triple valve system which discharges pressure and increases tightness
• Flat face screw couplings: the VEP-P, VEP-HD and VP-P series use special threaded rings, allowing quick coupling to withstand strong impulses and extreme conditions, neutralising premature wear and brinelling, and integrate a triple valve system, allowing for connections under pressure
• Multi-couplings: the DP and GR series combine a lever system, allowing for several lines to be quickly and easily connected and disconnected, with a triple valve for connections under pressure
• Monoblocks: the Saturn and Saturn HF, respectively connect three and five lines, having been created in close collaboration with earthmoving companies, making them a logical choice for machines with multifunction accessories, with a special manual valve allowing for the simultaneous discharge of the residual pressure of all the lines

Using quality couplings can not only provide efficiency benefits, but also help to prevent equipment issues further down the track, contributing to improved safety and reducing the need for costly repairs and resultant downtime.

As Stucchi advises, much of the equipment used in the earthmoving industry must be connected by sealing off the hydraulic circuit, with it important to ensure it remains resilient when subjected to high pressure and strong mechanical stress.

With connections being one of the most sensitive points in hydraulic systems, failure could potentially result in accidents, expensive repairs, and financial losses due to downtime, in addition to environmental contamination as a result of hydraulic fluid leakages.

For these reasons, it is important to invest in quality couplings, underpinning efficient and effective operations, safeguarding a company, its employees, and the environment.

Stucchi’s multi-coupling series are particularly suited for earthmoving applications, encompassing a design combining a cam mechanism with flat-faced valves and special seals to avoid dirt inclusion, allowing for attachment changes to be undertaken without leakage or contamination.

The connection is made through a lever, enabling coupling, and decoupling between a fixed and a mobile plate, simultaneously connecting all the hydraulic lines, without the risk of mistakenly connecting different hydraulic lines.

Stucchi’s multi-coupling systems comprise the following features:
• Lever system – reducing the force required to connect multiple lines (also in the presence of residual pressure in the circuit)
• Cam system – including a safety lock, allowing for secure connections and disconnections
• Safety system – avoiding falling during the disconnection
• Minimal fluid leakage risk – in the surrounding environment, with dirt inclusion reduced to a minimum
• Electric lines – can potentially be inserted for the transmission of electricity to the tool
• Couplings – mounted on the plates with threaded rings or seeger rings, facilitating installation and replacement
• Design – compact dimensions do not create bulk when undertaking operations

Stucchi’s multi-coupling product portfolio includes the DP and GR series (as explained earlier, integrating Easy Cup technology), along with the FAP-HP and FAP-ZN quick couplings (designed to be used with the DP and GR series).

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