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Stucchi sets trend in quick couplings


Stucchi, formed by brothers Innocente and Lorenzo Stucchi in Italy in 1960, continues to lead the world in coupling innovation with the VT Rot-Loc.

Stucchi has, over the years, branched out from its Italian headquarters to establish an international presence, building a reputation as one of the principal innovators in the quick couplings sector in the process.

In 2013, Stucchi’s Australian branch, Stucchi FCP, was formed, consolidating the company’s presence in the Oceania region. The head office is in Victoria, with subsidiary offices in Queensland and WA, which preside over a network of distributors throughout the country and New Zealand.

Getting it right

In 1977 Stucchi commenced production of quick couplings, specifically designed for conducting fluids under pressure. A commitment to research and development was, and is, a driving factor in Stucchi’s success, with the company bringing its first flat-face quick couplings to market in 1983.

Connections are one of the most sensitive points in hydraulic systems, and in the earthmoving industry failure of a connection system could lead to accidents, financial losses, expensive repairs and environmental contamination.

Production benefits and sustainable operations

Flat-face coupling systems are designed to deliver sustainable and efficient operations, sporting a design which includes a flat-face valve, spring mechanism, safety closing system and specific seals, minimising fluid  loss during disconnection.

The elimination of the intermediate space between the male and female couplers prevents fluid from gathering in the coupler and leaking into the environment. In addition, leak-free flat-face couplers can provide a range of performance benefits (and other associated benefits), which include:

• Minimising fluid leakages and clean-up
• Increasing equipment uptime
• Preventing contamination, and
• Eliminating external quick-coupler contamination.

Research and development in the quick- coupling industry, with Stucchi at the forefront, is advancing beyond functionality and focusing on leak-free quick-coupler development.

Efficiency, safety and performance

Stucchi strongly believes in and supports environmentally sustainable practices, and is committed to the development of innovative and efficient hydraulic quick-coupling solutions. Stucchi’s flat-face coupler design met ISO 16028 standards in 1999.

Stucchi’s comprehensive product range, covering a wide variety of applications, includes:

  • FIRG flat face – the original series of flat face couplings, having become the reference for the ISO 16028 standard. Still widely used and recognised today by the major global manufacturers of hydraulic machines and equipment
  • Series A flat face – features an internal design combined with a high-resistance material, paving the way for a higher operating pressure and minimal pressure drop, with the modular structure providing flexibility across several types of threads or special ports.

VT Rot-Loc– Stucchi’s latest innovation

Stucchi’s multi-year experience in screw-to- connect flat-face couplings has led to the creation of VT, the new, top-of-the-line series for this kind of coupling.

Thanks to the design, with the axial bearing integrated in the male coupling and the automatic locking sleeve, the VT series is the right solution for heavy-duty applications. Even under the most severe pressure impulses, vibration and rotation of the hoses, the correct functionality of the couplings is guaranteed.

Stucchi’s flat-face APM and A_HD lines, together with its flat-face screw VEP and VT lines, offer premium connection solutions, allow for connection when residual pressure is present, and are designed for operation in the most severe conditions.

When the going gets tough in demanding operating conditions, Stucchi’s product lines deliver efficiency, safety, and performance benefits, combined with no-spill technology to minimise environmental contamination.



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