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Stucchi continues to set the trend in quick coupling sector

Quick couplings manufacturer Stucchi draws on a long and proud history in bringing its extensive product range to the local market, with the Italian company, formed by brothers Innocente and Lorenzo Stucchi in the northern province of Bergamo in 1960, last year marking the milestone of six decades of operations.

Stucchi has over the years steadily expanded the scope of its operations, branching out from its Italian headquarters to establish an international presence encompassing the USA, Brazil, China, and Australia, and has in the process built a reputation as one of the principal innovators in the quick couplings sector.

In 2013, Stucchi’s Australian branch, Stucchi FCP, was formed, paving the way for the company to consolidate and further develop its presence in the Oceania region, with Stucchi based out of Victoria, while also maintaining an office in Queensland, more recently WA and presiding over a network of distributors throughout the country and New Zealand.

Stucchi has over the course of its 60-plus years of operations marked many significant events, and it was in 1977 that the company had originally commenced its production of quick couplings, specifically designed for conducting fluids under pressure.

A commitment to research and development was a driving factor in Stucchi’s initial success (and remains so to this day), with the company bringing its first series of flat face quick couplings to market in 1983, which in turn paved the way for further expansion and the establishment of an international foothold.

Flat face quick couplings quickly became one of Stucchi’s most distinctive products, and in the following years the company has maintained an unwavering focus on further improving its product performance in seeking to meet the evolving needs of its international, multi-sector customer base.

A single hydraulic system fault can potentially lead to a range of serious issues beyond the initial damage caused to equipment and the resultant costs associated with downtime, including the risk for injuries to operators and the contamination of work areas.

Connections are one of the most sensitive points in hydraulic systems, and in the earthmoving industry much of the equipment used must be connected by sealing off the hydraulic circuit, with it critical to ensure it remains resilient when subjected to high pressure and strong mechanical stress.

However, if a connection system fails amid the widespread rigours of the job site, this could lead to:

• Accidents – hydraulic system fluids are pressurised, meaning a leak, no matter how small, can result in fluid being ejected at great force, potentially causing serious injury to operators in the vicinity
• Financial losses – costs associated with downtime can quickly mount up if machinery is unable to perform due to inadequate couplings
• Expensive repairs – hydraulic system and machinery repairs may be required, along with replacing lost fluid, while damage may also extend to buildings or places where the equipment is stored
• Environmental contamination – hydraulic fluid leakages can cause environmental contamination, resulting in a range of issues and potentially leading to serious fines

For these reasons, it is important to invest in quality couplings, underpinning efficient and effective operations, safeguarding a company, its employees, and the environment, and helping to ward off potential issues further down the track.

Flat face coupling systems are designed to deliver sustainable and efficient operations, sporting a design which includes a flat face valve, spring mechanism, safety closing system and specific seals, minimising fluid loss during disconnection.

The elimination of the intermediate space between the male and female couplers prevents fluid from gathering in the coupler and leaking into the environment, complementing the eco-friendly practices increasingly being adopted by businesses across a range of sectors.

In addition to this, leak-free flat face couplers can provide a range of performance benefits (and other associated benefits), including:
• Minimise fluid leakages and clean-up efforts – save both time and money by not containing and properly disposing of hydraulic fluid
• Increase equipment uptime – prevent unplanned downtime and forced stops due to leaks and insufficient pressure
• Prevent contamination – preserving soil and water resources
• Eliminate external quick coupler contamination – eliminating the gap between the male and female couplers prevents damage due to the accumulation of pollutants and contaminants

In line with this, research and development in the quick coupling industry is advancing beyond functionality and focusing on leak-free quick coupler development, with Stucchi at the forefront when it comes to bringing new solutions to market.

Stucchi strongly believes in and supports the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices, and is committed to the development of innovative and efficient hydraulic quick coupling solutions.

Catering to the needs of a variety of industry sectors, Stucchi has a long-established reputation as a leading global supplier of hydraulic quick couplings, with its flat face coupler design meeting ISO 16028 standards since 1999.

Stucchi’s comprehensive product range, covering a wide variety of applications, includes:

• FIRG flat face – designed in 1983, is the original series of flat face couplings, having become the reference for the ISO 16028 standard, with it still today widely used and recognised by the major global manufacturers of hydraulic machines and equipment
• Series A flat face – features an internal design combined with a high-resistance material, paving the way for a higher operating pressure and minimal pressure drop, with the modular structure providing flexibility across several types of threads or special ports, allowing for diverse applications while maintaining a compact dimension
• VP-P flat face screw – the triple valve system allows for connection of the coupling safely, even in the presence of high internal residual pressure, while also avoiding fluid loss, with the safety sleeve integrated in the connection system preventing accidental disconnection, making the series ideal for the most extreme operating conditions

In addition to this, Stucchi’s flat face APM and FL lines, together with its flat face screw VEP-P and VEP-HD lines, offer premium connection solutions, designed for operation in the most severe conditions.

When the going gets tough amid demanding operating conditions, these Stucchi product lines are decked out to deliver efficiency, safety, and performance benefits, combined with no-spill technology to minimise environment contamination.

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