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Sondrio Civil grows at rapid rate with JCB 3CX

Owner of Sondrio Civil, Rino Giacomelli doesn’t shy away from hard work, but when it comes to finding efficient and more productive ways to get the job done, Rino is definitely open to considering new and innovative products to assist him and his team. With a fleet of JCB 3CX Elite backhoes, the business has grown at a rapid pace and has a strong reputation for its work in the professional services and pit construction industry.

“Before purchasing our JCB 3CXs, a lot of our work was manual,” said Rino. “With work loading and building formwork in the pits and on to trucks all done by hand.”

When on site working with another company, Rino noticed they would often use a backhoe to undertake a range of tasks onsite. Wanting his operation to be more autonomous, the logical solution was to purchase a machine to help with the heavy lifting and allow the team to complete the work quickly and efficiently. Sondrio Civil now use the backhoes to lift, transport and backfill the pits as they are being stripped.

“Prior to purchasing our first backhoe, I spoke to a lot of owners in the industry and the JCB 3CX was the most recognised and respected machine on site, so it was the natural choice,” said Rino.

Key features of the JCB 3CX for Sondrio Civil are the viewing height at the rear, stability of the machine, clearance and genuine reliability. Resale value of the machines was also a large factor, and given the popularity and reputation of the range there is a strong market for used JCB backhoes.

When it came time to increase Rino’s fleet, the new JCB 3CX Stage V Pro was the logical choice. “I needed a new machine to add to my fleet and the updated cab really appealed to me,” said Rino. Featuring a new 7” LCD display screen, operators now have far greater information at their fingertips with more functionality and relevant information easily accessible.”

The new JCB 3CX Pro also features a class leading 6-speed auto powershift transmission and torque lock providing unrivalled performance on the road with high-speed capability when moving between sites.

The 3CX Backhoe comes standard with an auto locking limited slip diff, which detects wheel slip without the requirement for operator engagement ensuring optimum safety for the operator, an ideal feature for the team at Sondrio Civil when onsite in wet conditions. Since Rino’s first purchase of a JCB 3CX backhoe 30 years ago his business has pleasingly grown at a rapid rate and he hopes to see it continue over the coming years. “With the edition of this latest machine I’m looking forward to taking on more projects and helping my team be more productive and efficient,” said Rino.

Rino also credits the friendly and approachable sales team at his local JCB CEA dealership for their help in showcasing the JCB 3CX Pro’s key features and benefits as they apply to his business. “I’d recommend the product to others based on service and reliability,” said Rino. “When it comes to your business and managing customers expectations, this is critical.”

With an efficient design philosophy and a focus on operator ergonomics, visibility and safety, the new JCB 3CX Pro is the ideal machine for single and fleet operators across a diverse range of applications.

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