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Smart New CAT® D5, Still Tough On The Outside

Bristling with technology and performance features, the new Cat® D5 is the latest in the range of Next Generation track-type tractors to reach Australian shores.

Succeeding the renowned Cat D6N, Product Specialist Peter Witte says the D5 is the latest release to sport the new Cat nomenclature and deliveSr superior performance with a broad range of features, and options, to help owners extract maximum value.

“Nimble and responsive, with drivetrain power for heavy dozing and renowned balance for control finesse to deliver finer grading, the D5 is an ideal mid-size track type tractor,” Witte said. The December/January 2020 issue of EEM detailed the revamp of the Cat machine nomenclature and the D5 is the latest iteration to reach the market, Witte explained.

“With the new, clear, size-based machine designations we have removed complexity for customers by aligning the D5 in the line-up of recently released machines that now includes the D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, D9 and D11.”

The D5 is available in two dedicated configurations. “A traditional push-arm type fitted with a large hydraulic tilt semi-universal (SU) blade or an inside mounted variable powered hydraulic angle and tile blade (VPAT),” Witte said.

“This machine is loaded with performance features to ensure work is done quicker, more accurately and with more control,” Witte said.

The machine offers 127kW (170hp) with a typical operating weight in the 18,700kg range.

“Many people will recognise a size close relationship to the D6H released with an elevated sprocket back in the late 1980s as a mid-sized dozer for construction work.

“However, the technology on-board has evolved considerably,” Witte explained.

Stable Blade works seamlessly with the operator’s blade movements to produce better surfaces and is a standard feature. From here, one can simply add to the D5 platform to best suit your needs.

“Select the optional Slope Assist as a GRADE feature that automatically maintains the blade position without a GPS signal making it ideal  for operators needing to create simple designs on-the-go,” Witte added.

Included with this feature is a grade ready option that allows fitment of blade mast systems for laser, UTS or global satellite navigation systems.

Witte said, “You can also further up-grade to have the D5 fitted out with a fully integrated, and factory installed, GRADE 3D (GPS) for automatic blade control allowing to easily fulfill a range of complex designs. Interaction through a large 25cm (10 inch) touch screen display is easy to use – just like a smart phone.

“What you will notice is there are no longer blade positioning cylinders used before, but IMU’s mounted on mainframe and blade structures with antennas in the cabin roof eliminating any risk of damage. It will also work seamlessly with blade mounted laser or UTS systems,” he added.

“What is new is the ability to benefit with Traction Control and a Blade Load monitor with integrated GRADE 3D offering,” Witte said.

“Traction control saves time, fuel and track wear by temporarily reducing track power so the operator can adjust the blade load to limit any track slip. The new Blade Load monitor provides real-time feedback to the operator on the current load and ground conditions to deliver optimum blade volume to reach the ideal pushing capacity at every pass,” he added.

“All these features link seamlessly with the fully automatic three speed transmission to offer the ideal ground speed for the work required

“Technology smart, the D5 allows operators to be ‘best-in-class’ when working to site plans,” Witte said.

The new D5’s ease of operation is further evident when operating on grades with Hill Descent and Hold control adding both maneuverability and pin-point steering control.

Inside the cabin, operators enjoy a new large 25cm (10 inch) touch-screen display amongst a raft of features fatigue to not only set-up and overview the machine’s performance but provide some helpful operating tips.

The cab has integrated Roll Over Protection (ROPS) with 15 per cent more glass area and wider for comfort. Now with a steeper forward hood profile, there is 30 per cent better forward visibility to the blade and worksite.

Witte further explained, “A new wider air-suspension seat now has more adjustment settings available and combines beautifully with the new touch screen monitor allowing operators to not only keep a sharp eye on the machine’s performance, but work shift long with reduced fatigue.

“This display also acts as extra eyes for a high definition rearview camera display – with back-up lines to help guide you,” he added.

Interaction with the new D5 is also more seamless. A Cat App helps you manage the machine’s location, hours but also delivers critical maintenance alerts, while Cat Remote Services allows software updates to the machine wirelessly and with remote trouble shoot to perform remote diagnostics.

Remote Grade can allow the wireless management of site plans (viaTrimble™ Connect Services).

“The D5 is ready to maximise your versatility. All in all, this is an exciting new addition to the extensive Cat track type tractor line-up,” Witte said, adding it is “on-track for tough applications while having the ‘smarts’ to help you get the work done accurately and effectively”.

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