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Smart developments: Develon DL580-7

The Develon DL580-7 wheel loader

EEM speaks with Peter Gledhill of Clark Equipment to delve into the features and performance of the Develon DL580-7 wheel loader – from its innovative safety measures to the significant impact it’s making in the Australian market.

Develon – formerly Doosan – is continuing to strengthen its foothold in the Australian machinery market.

Peter Gledhill of Clark Equipment – Develon’s Australian distributor – says the Korean brand is no longer just a little brother to the industry’s Japanese heavy-hitters. Now, it is well and truly forging an identity and a path of its own – and the new Develon DL580-7 wheel loader is a perfect illustration of this growth.

Peter says that the arrival and roll out of the DL580-7 in Australia has just begun. The first machine arrived only four months ago. Since then, an additional five have arrived, all of which were pre-sold, demonstrating the impressive demand for this wheel loader.

Despite facing supply constraints – like so many heavy equipment manufactuers – Develon’s DL580-7 is already making waves in the market.

So, what accounts for this early enthusiasm?

Smarter and safer

The model has been completely redesigned, undergoing rigorous jobsite testing to ensure exceptional productivity, durability, and operator comfort.

“Each machine is packed with industry-leading performance features, providing our customers with exceptional value, increased uptime, and protection for lower total cost of ownership,” Peter says.

“It’s been totally redesigned from the ground up to help our customers work smarter, get more done, and take on the most challenging work today and tomorrow.”

But it isn’t just the productivity-enhancing features that make the DL580-7 stand out. Peter stresses that the wheel loader also brings unique technologies to the table.

One such feature is the smart key, which adds a new level of security to the operation of the machine. However, it’s the transparent bucket feature that truly differentiates this model from its competitors.

“While the transparent bucket feature isn’t unique to the DL580-7, every model we bring into Australia will have it,” says Peter. “This innovation is an excellent addition from a safety standpoint, as it allows operators to see what’s in front of them.”

Peter also highlights the machine’s factory-standard overhead view camera, which he says offers a bird’s-eye view of the machine’s surroundings.

“This feature gives you a bird’s-eye view, like a satellite beaming down in front of the machine so you can see its surroundings,” he says. “The smart technology allows you to adjust the proximity depending on your jobsite and the environment in which the machine is operating.”

Safety and productivity are at the heart of the Develon DL580-7 and, indeed, the entire range of machinery offered by Develon.

“Safety is paramount,” Peter says. “Its larger cabin with increased glass area enhances visibility. Plus, there’s an energy-saving addition to the hydraulics, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent. So, these machines are not only safer but also seven per cent more productive than the previous generation.”

But it’s not only the DL580 which features these advancements. While it is the largest model they currently offer to the global market, all Develon machines will eventually feature these designs and enhancements.

The market wants what it wants

Peter says the introduction of the DL580-7 has shifted market dynamics significantly, with Clark Equipment even managing to draw customers from their competitors.

“Every client that has purchased this size loader from us previously operated machines from our Japanese competitors,” Peter says, adding that the first repeat client for the new model has already been secured within a 12-month period.

What’s the secret behind the shift?

Peter believes it’s a combination of factors: exposure to Develon’s smaller range of reliable loaders and excavators, the competitive pricing of their machines, and the proven value and productivity of their offerings.

“Every client that has bought a machine of this class from us has taken a risk by deviating from their traditional suppliers,” he says. “But the fact that we’ve already had repeat business, including from a client that operates over 20 machines of this size, is a testament to our product’s value.

“The initial acceptance has been exceptional across a wide range of applications and industries, with machines already hard at work on mine sites in Western Australia, the quarry sector in North Queensland, and a variety of industry sites in Tasmania and Western Australia.

“This product has proven itself, and we can say it’s a genuine tier one competitor. While the attractive price point may draw people in initially, the decision to purchase is not just about the bottom line. At the end of the day, it’s still about the product’s dependability and the support offered to the buyer.”

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