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Slattery Auctions

Being a family-owned national business Slattery valuations and auctions are able to provide the best service to the average operator when it comes to buying and selling machines.

In an auction if one thing is valued as much as a good deal, then that has to be honesty. The nature and pace of the auctions game mean that the importance of something as old-fashioned as honesty is often overlooked, to the detriment of all the players involved. Too many auctions are mere facades for retail events. In this scenario the difference a player like Slattery makes to the industry cannot be underestimated, all the more so for the earthmoving industry which is sensitive to economic shifts.

Purchasing at auction, however, is a great way for the average buyer to enjoy the wholesale pricing that equipment resellers do, without being encumbered by the need to retain a profit margin on the purchase. At an auction the average earthmoving operator is at quite an advantage against a reseller due to the fact operators can bid beyond the reseller much of the time but still save on what they would have paid in an actual retail environment. As buyers, operators also push prices up for sellers, and so an auction can be a win-win situation.


Slattery Auctions
From left to right – Brothers James, Paddy and Tim Slattery run Slattery Auctions, a Hunter-founded now national company. Image courtesy of Peter Stoop

In the earthmoving industry, more new projects are underway in boom times and less get started in economic downturns. When the economy is buoyant, people sell surplus assets and upgrade so prices are stronger; when the outlook is weak, there are greater volumes of equipment sold as companies hit tough times, but prices are weaker. Additionally, there is geographic variance in supply and demand as the various state economies in Australia have their ups and downs.

Having a customer-oriented approach in the business of auctions makes Slattery a unique player in this space. Understanding the larger industry and the timing of a purchase can be beyond the day-to-day concerns of most operators and earthmoving businesses. Slattery focuses on keeping sellers and buyers abreast of the state of the earthmoving equipment secondary market. The company’s expertise means it can see the coming fluctuations and advise customers so they approach a sale or purchase fully armed with the required knowledge to ensure a good result.

Being one of the largest auction houses in Australia gives Slattery the ability to bring to the market a whole raft of specialised services geared towards a desirable outcome for the average earthmoving industry player.

Slattery’s size as a business gives it the ability, according to the company, to maintain a laser like focus on personalised service.

According to company spokesmen: “We have remained approachable and accessible, as a business, to large corporates and small businesses alike”.


Slattery Auctions

For the average earthmoving or construction business Slattery provides a vibrant network of buyers and sellers, and the company’s expertise ensures full market value for assets that go to the market. Little wonder many of Slattery’s customers go to the business as buyers and end up selling their assets or vice versa.

Slattery had rather humble beginnings as a family business that started out in Hexham, NSW. However, the company’s founder Pat Slattery and its management together have long-standing and substantial industry experience. Pat had been in the industry for four decades when he decided to venture on his own. The beginning of the company was fuelled by high profile large scale government contracts. Since that first year of its existence in 2000 the company has grown from strength to strength. From online auctions to premises in different states the company, in just over a decade, has successfully made a footprint on the national auctions landscape.

Slattery’s intimate knowledge of the earthmoving industry and machinery gives the company a vital edge so far as the average buyer goes. Together with this expertise, Slattery’s flexible sales approach enables clients to mix and match solutions for bespoke marketing plans that give every asset the best environment to realise its true value. Slattery also conduct traditional ‘‘in-room’’ auctions at their premises that are then simulcast live online. Additionally, there are online only auctions, private treaty or buy now and tenders or Expressions of Interest. State-of-the-art media management means that Slattery’s clients have nothing less than the best facilities when it comes to doing business.


Slattery Auctions

One of the key achievements of the company is the transition from the first generation of owners (the parents Pat and Ros Slattery) to the next generation in the family. Unlike many Australian companies that don’t handle succession well, Slattery’s succession plan earned it industry recognition through awards from the PwC and BRW Aspire Family Business Award in 2015.

Nothing could be a bigger win for the company’s clients in terms of the services and focus of the business.

In recognition of its achievements as a business, Slattery Auctions & Valuations was named a Westpac Business of Tomorrow in 2017.

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Slattery Auctions




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