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Simex twin header rotary cutters

Italy-based SIMEX has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing highly durable and high performing excavator and skid steer attachments to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of construction, demolition, road maintenance, quarrying and mining industries.

SIMEX is widely acknowledged to be the market leader in rotary cutting machine technology, which has been specifically developed for tough conditions.

The SIMEX twin header rotary cutters, also known as rock grinders, aptly describe their use in dislodging and extracting material in a variety of applications.

The rotary cutter can tackle tunnelling work and performs well at wall profiling at building sites or basement digging. It can also be used under water, making it a versatile tool.

The twin header rotary cutter uses special patented technology with high torque that can bore through the toughest of material. The product has several other impressive technical features worth mentioning.

An integrated high displacement hydraulic piston motor in the rotary cutter ensures high torque and high performance is consistently maintained during its deployment.

A filter on the feed line of the rotary cutter prevents impurities from entering the machine’s motor system.

Gaskets fitted to the rotary cutter’s drums guard against dust while the machine is working in the ground.

The rotary cutter also features double support bearings for each of the drums to ensure a longer service life for the machine, as its shaft system transmits only motion and bears no load.

Replaceable anti-wear plates are low cost in terms of the machine’s maintenance. Another market-leading feature is its hydraulic system fitted with accumulators that act to protect the unit from hydraulic pressures while the unit is in operation.

Set-up time is relatively fast allowing it to be quickly deployed and it has many in-built safety features.

Noise emissions are quite low compared to other mechanical machines and other methods of extraction.

SIMEX twin headers can be mounted on carriers from 2.5 tonnes up to 70 tonnes, with maximum cutting force for the rotary cutting machine varying from 15.1 – 128 kN, depending on the model.

For more information, contact the authorised SIMEX dealer.
• QLD Rockbreakers in QLD and NT: (07) 3715 0800
• GroundTec in NSW: (02) 9642 2030
• Walkers Hammers in VIC and TAS: (03) 9315 3788
• Total Rockbreaking Solutions in WA: 1300 921 498
• Renex Equipment in SA (08) 8345 0555

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