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Simex TF1100 rotary cutter rock grinder

The balance and controllability of the Simex TF1100 Rotary Cutter Rock Grinder was one of the notable comments from the operators of a NSW business, Pacific Quarrying that specialises in the extraction and production of quality sandstone products such as sandstone blocks, step stones, capping stones and pavers.

“Having been in business for over 25 years we have developed extraction methods of sandstone that are among the most advanced in the industry and more importantly, produce the highest level of quality to ensure customer satisfaction with the end product,” Mark McBride, the director of Pacific Quarrying said.

“We have used other grinders in the past and had been talking with the team from GroundTec Equipment in Sydney for some time about a new Simex unit. We inspected a unit again at DD&T in Penrith in 2019 then decided to purchase once we had our project under way. After seeing the Simex TF1100 in operation it is evident that the quality and efficiency produced by the Simex Rock Grinder is second to none.”

Attached to a Hitachi excavator, the Simex Rock Grinder is used to level extracted area on quarry floor that allows the next cut of sandstone blocks to be a uniform size and quality.

“We have received feedback that operators enjoy the balance and controllability of the Simex TF1100 making the job easier for them and the symmetric housing of the unit enables it to cut into corners very efficiently,” said Mark.

“The Simex direct drive hydraulic motor provides high torque and the hydraulic system built into the cutter also protects the cutter from overflow/over speed, which is insurance on our investment,” Mark added.

Simex Rock Grinders are designed to be used in quarrying, tunnelling and mining applications with a variety of rock including limestone, gypsum or schist of hardness of up to 85 mPa.

SIMEX’s patented design ensures minimal vibration, low noise and high torque featuring 90 degrees cutter head rotation and a sealing system that prevents impurities entering the motor even when the attachment is submerged into the ground or operating in muddy conditions.

Replaceable anti-wear plates reduce maintenance costs, and double support bearings for each drum ensure longer service life as shaft transmits motion only and bears no load.

SIMEX twin headers can be mounted on carriers from 1.2 tonnes up to 70 tonnes with maximum cutting force varying from 13.5 to 114.5 kN depending on the model.

In Australia, SIMEX attachments are distributed through an independent network of highly experienced dealer networks:

QLD/NT: QLD Rockbreakers
VIC/TAS: Walkers Hammers
NSW: Ground Tec Equipment
WA: Total Rockbreaking Solutions
SA: Renex Equipment

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