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SIMEX prefers SIMEX planers – the design of the cutting head makes the difference.

A South-East Queensland based business, has been providing Bobcat Profiling Services to the Asphalt Industry since 2004.

Over the years, the business has grown and developed a reputation of providing its customers with the best operators, skid steers and attachments.

“Our machines specialise in profiling and we have used and scrutinised most if not all types and brands of skid steer profiling (planing) units available in Australia,” says Steve Pitt, Director of Book-A-Bobcat.

“Choosing the best products on the market gives me the peace of mind that I can deliver what I promise to my customers,” he says.

“And the fact that our customers return to hire more services from us speaks for itself.”

Steve Pitt first came across with the Simex PL45.20 Planer in 2007 when he needed another planer for their profiling fleet. He talked with a colleague who recommended the brand.

“I was sufficiently impressed to purchase my first SIMEX PL45.20 and having now used it and seen its precision cutting and efficiency, it was an easy choice for us to stay with SIMEX,” says Pitt.

“Since then we have purchased a further 4 SIMEX units, the newest being almost two years old.”



“Our machines specialise in profiling so they are hard at work most days and it makes it easier to complete the task when you have the right tools. Features like the design of the cutting head that enables our operators to cut or shave with precision, efficiency and productivity make SIMEX Planers superior in comparison to other planers on the market,”comments Pitt.

“The performance of the SIMEX PL45.20 planer and the commitment to service and support from the local SIMEX dealer, Qld Rock Breakers who went out of their way to make experience with the planer a highly productive and satisfactory one, encourage us to recommend them to our colleagues” adds Mr Pitt.

In Queensland, QLD Rock Breakers offer a full range of SIMEX attachments and specialty products for demanding applications, including rock breaking, demolition, trenching, profiling, quarry extraction, scaling, tunnelling and recycling.


The SIMEX PL High depth planers are perfect for stabilising and rehabilitating existing worn or damaged roads and streets.

SIMEX Stabilisers can pulverise, crush and mix road base with additives such as lime, cement, fly ash or other binding agents to a depth of 350mm. When scarification of urban surfaces, asphalt milling or asphalt pothole repair is required the Simex PL Self Levelling Planers maintain constant depth in all conditions guaranteeing precision levelling of surfaces and perfect planer grip in the presence of uneven grounds, pavements, rises, bumps and sloping surfaces.

Hydraulic high displacement radial piston motors with direct cutter drum drive maximise their performance. The patented lateral support slide design guarantees maximum stability and minimal material spill-outs reducing the impact resurfacing has on the environment. Maintenance costs are also minimal requiring only the replacement of worn teeth. They are available in a range of models reaching a maximum width of 1200mm and depth of 350mm. They can be fitted to skid steers, hydrostatic drive and backhoe loaders.


In Australia, customers are supported by an independent network of highly experienced SIMEX dealers:

• QLD: QLD Rock Breakers

• VIC/TAS: Walkers Hammers

• NSW: Ground Tec Equipment

• WA: Total Rockbreaking Solutions

• SA/NT: Renex Equipment

For more information visit your nearest SIMEX Dealer:

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