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Simex launches the largest road cold planer for compact loaders


Italy-based Simex has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing highly durable and high-performing excavator and skid steer attachments.

Simex’s range of self-levelling planers are dedicated to road surface restoration, where time is always of the essence as road restrictions from construction are expected to be as minimal as possible.

Simex Planers work to make applications more efficient on site, helping to keep road projects on time and budget.

To ensure speed of execution SIMEX has recently launched the largest road cold planer for compact loaders, the new PL2000 that is equipped with a 2000 mm wide milling drum, the largest currently available on the market.

Designed for milling deteriorated surfaces for resurfacing, the PL2000 is an essential tool for today’s milling and construction industries.

With PL2000 operators can remove the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or mill deteriorated sections for future resurfacing and create a sustainable outcome by reusing milled material for backfilling trenches.


The PL2000 is designed to be mounted on the new-generation SSL characterised by high hydraulic power and it is equipped with all those features that make a difference on site:

  • Independent depth adjustment of the slides on the RH and LH sides, to ensure perfectly flat surfaces with side-by-side passes; an essential feature when, for example, very large areas such as forecourts or car parks need to be milled
  • The hydraulic side shift, for convenient milling flush to the walls or sidewalks, a procedure further optimised due to the new completely redesigned slides, with optimised overall dimensions in order to protect the corner-shaped hoses from possible abrasions
  • The floating transverse tilt that allows the operator to keep the planer perfectly aligned to the road surface even when the base machine is not parallel to the ground
  • The well-known Simex self-levelling system, which guarantees a constant milling depth regardless of the conditions of the road surface
  • The dust suppression system with integrated and increased water tank, which avoids a second water tank to be installed on the roof of the base machine
  • The exclusive Performer device, which helps the operator to keep the correct advancement of the base machine, thus optimising performance

PL2000 complements the current range of Simex Self Levelling Planers that reach a maximum width of 1200mm and depth of 350mm. Model PL2000 is expected to be available in Australia in 2023.

Simex products have been manufactured in Italy for over 30 years. They are imported to Australia by Queensland-based RD Williams and are available across the country throughout the Simex authorised dealership network:

QLD Rockbreakers in QLD and NT:
(07) 3452 0772,

GroundTec in NSW:
(02) 9642 2030,

Walkers Hammers in VIC, SA and TAS:
(03) 9315 3788,

Total Rockbreaking Solutions in WA:
1300 921 498,

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