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Simex has achieved an excellence in road maintenance attachments, and innovative designs of rotary grinders, crusher buckets and wheel excavators have made Simex the industry leader.

Simex’s commitment to constant improvement and continuous advancement allow the Simex customers to work more efficiently, faster and most importantly, safer.

For instance, Simex Planers’ patented self-levelling design keeps the milling depth constant in all conditions resulting in perfect levelling of planed surfaces and guaranteeing minimal material spill outs that can be recycled reducing the impact that resurfacing has on the environment.

Simex patented design of independent depth adjustment on RH and LH sides, combined with the self-levelling system, ensures perfectly level surfaces on side-by-side milling.

Drilling and blasting has traditionally been used as a method to quarry on fractured rock but in winter when it’s wet, blasting cannot be done until the ground is dry. Also, having first and second grade materials being mixed together results in high wastage.

Benefits of using Simex Twin Header Rock Grinder for quarry operations are measurable. Simex patented design of integrated high displacement hydraulic piston motor and double support bearings for each drum ensure high torque and effective operation regardless of weather conditions to keep production levels steady. With an increase in yield and reduction in waste the Simex Twin Header Rock Grinders are now the preferred method in many quarry operations.

With the Simex Crusher Bucket, old bricks on demolition site can be crushed into a material that the builder can then use on the building site. Significant savings can be achieved in tip fees and fuel costs, not to mention the time taken to transport and the wear and tear on the truck.

If the builder cannot use the material on site, the crushed material can be transported to the tip with improved efficiency, as the crushed material takes up less space than uncrushed, utilising the full capacity of the truck.

Simex in Italy has manufactured efficient and customised hydraulic attachments for earthmoving machinery since 1991 and the benefits of Simex range of innovative equipment are varied.

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New South Wales – Ground Tec

Queensland and Northern Territory – Qld Rock Breakers (QRB Western Australia – Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS) South Australia – RAM Equipment Tasmania – DLM Machinery

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