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Short swing, big potential: the Volvo ECR235E

The Volvo ECR235E

How Volvo’s ECR235E short-swing excavator with Co-Pilot technology is setting new standards for precision and efficiency.

Precision, efficiency, and safety are paramount in the ever-evolving world of construction and excavation. In this dynamic landscape, the Volvo ECR235E excavator emerges as a symbol of innovation, setting new standards for excellence in the industry. This remarkable machine, equipped with optional Volvo Co-Pilot technology, represents the future of excavator operations.

Tom Langridge, Ridgeworth Civil.

Maximising efficiency in compact spaces

The Volvo ECR235E excavator is equipped with a robust Volvo Stage V D6J engine, boasting an impressive output of approximately 173 hp (129kw). This excavator offers a versatile range of operating weight, spanning from 25,400kg to 27,200kg. Additionally, its bucket capacity is adaptable to various configurations, typically within 0.6 to 1.2 cubic meters, ensuring versatility to meet diverse job requirements.

One of the standout features of the Volvo ECR235E is its short-swing functionality. Traditional excavators often have long counterweights that extend beyond the tracks, making them less manoeuvrable in tight spaces. The ECR235E, however, boasts a compact design with a reduced swing radius, allowing operators to work effectively in confined areas without sacrificing power or performance.

The Volvo ECR235E excavator is powered by a robust Volvo Stage V D6J engine.

The increased safety and manoeuvrability offered by the ECR235E short-swing excavators on congested worksites has rapidly created an essential market segment. Today, these versatile machines are put to use on various applications, including utility work, mining and forestry, and general construction.

The ECR235E enables operators to work efficiently in spaces where a conventional excavator would struggle to operate. This feature saves time and minimises the need for additional equipment to access narrow job sites.

A quieter and more eco-friendly machine

The ECR235E excavator is a testament to Volvo’s commitment to operator comfort and efficiency. Its ergonomic and spacious design allows operators to work comfortably during extended hours. The cabin layout prioritises intuitive controls and placement, reducing operator fatigue and optimising productivity. The large windows and cleverly positioned mirrors provide exceptional visibility, ensuring operators can maintain a clear view of their surroundings, enhancing safety and control.

Large windows and cleverly positioned mirrors provide exceptional visibility from the cabin.

Moreover, the rounded shape of the cab is also designed to stay within the rear swing radius, yet remains among the roomiest and most comfortable in the market – as befits Volvo’s reputation for providing superior operator comfort.

The machine’s advanced hydraulic system operates quietly without compromising power or performance. Volvo’s load-sensing hydraulic system combined with its unique ECO mode, Volvo excavators deliver low fuel consumption with high digging power and fast cycle times. The ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent without any performance loss in most operating conditions, while the load-sensing hydraulics supply power only when required.

The automatic idling system and automatic engine shut-down function further enhance efficiency by reducing engine speed and shutting down the engine when the controls or machine have been inactive for a pre-set amount of time.

ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent.

In addition, sound-absorbing materials and innovative engineering techniques have been employed throughout the excavator’s design to minimise noise emissions. This design creates a more comfortable working environment for operators and reduces the impact on the surrounding community, making it an excellent choice for projects in urban areas.

A quieter machine also contributes to improved fuel efficiency. With less noise, operators can better monitor the engine’s performance, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront, the Volvo ECR235E’s noise reduction features make it a responsible and eco-friendly choice for construction professionals.

The ECR235E is a great choice for a range of applications, including utility work, mining and forestry, and general construction.

Unlocking precision and efficiency with Volvo Co-Pilot

For companies like Ridgeworth Civil, staying at the forefront of technology is essential for efficient and flexible work on any job site. Tom Langridge, the Owner/Director of Ridgeworth Civil, says his experience with the ECR235E and Volvo Dig Assist technology is a testament to the transformative power of innovation in Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE).

When Tom decided to purchase his first ECR235E from CJD Equipment Brisbane, what truly sealed the deal for him was the incorporation of Volvo GPS hardware as a standard feature. The integration of GPS functionality and the cutting-edge Dig Assist technology were pivotal considerations for Tom.

“Having all the essential information right at your fingertips on the screen is simply unmatched in terms of efficiency,” Tom explains. “It also saves on staffing. With this technology, you can spread your guys across various sites rather than having extra people string lines or use a laser.

“There’s no need for a spotter during excavation, as the screen provides precise height information. In my perspective, the future of enhanced efficiency undoubtedly hinges on technological advancements like these.”

Volvo Co-Pilot allows operators to manage all excavator functions quickly and easily.

Volvo Co-Pilot is the latest intelligent and intuitive technology from Volvo CE. This interactive display allows operators to manage all excavator functions quickly and easily from a single in-cab system, ensuring the highest efficiency and accuracy in any application.

Whether digging trenches or loading heavy-duty material, Volvo Co-Pilot offers exceptional control, ensuring thorough accuracy and uptime. The generous high-definition 10-inch touchscreen features selectable modes of operation to meet the needs of the task, programable joystick buttons and Bluetooth connectivity.

Volvo Co-Pilot also integrates with Volvo Assist, including Dig Assist, Haul Assist, and Load Assist, and provides real-time operational data, resulting in a responsive, harmonious, and highly efficient operating experience.

“The beauty of the Co-Pilot system is that applications can be loaded in a similar way to how you would download an app on a mobile phone,” says CJD Equipment’s National Product Manager, Hayden Grant.

Dig Assist reduces the need for manual measurements and adjustments.

Volvo’s Dig Assist technology

Volvo Dig Assist is a cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionise excavator operations, and it proves particularly advantageous in the context of the Volvo short-swing ECR235E excavator. This advanced system offers operators comprehensive tools and features that enhance precision, productivity, and safety during excavation tasks.

One of the primary benefits of Volvo Dig Assist in the ECR235E is its capability to streamline digging operations with remarkable precision. The system provides real-time information and guidance, enabling operators to effortlessly achieve precise depth, slope, and alignment requirements.

This level of accuracy is invaluable in applications where maintaining exact grades and contours is essential, such as utility trenching, foundation excavation, and grading. By reducing the need for manual measurements and adjustments, Dig Assist significantly increases operational efficiency and minimises errors, ultimately saving time and resources.

An automatic idling system and automatic engine shut-down function provide further boosts to efficiency.

Volvo Dig Assist: 2D technology

Volvo’s Dig Assist technology has three levels, offering a range of capabilities to suit various job requirements. First, the 2D mode is perfect for tasks such as site levelling and slope profiling. With real-time data feedback, operators can quickly gauge when they have reached target depths and slopes, eliminating the need for manual grade and level checks. This technology optimises safety and ensures high precision, faster project completion and reduced over/under excavation. Notably, 2D mode accommodates operators of all skill levels, assisting them to achieve higher levels of productivity with confidence.

Volvo Dig Assist: in-field technology

For more intricate projects, Volvo’s In-Field Design mode takes centre stage. It uses GNSS and RTK navigation technology to deliver centimetre-level accuracy for excavation tasks. Operators can effortlessly define complex shapes in three dimensions using the Volvo Co-Pilot tablet, eliminating the necessity for surveyors to mark out excavation sites.

This streamlined process enhances efficiency, enabling operators to dig trenches and tackle intricate projects with unparalleled precision and ease.

The ECR235E’s cabin layout prioritises intuitive controls and placement to reduce operator fatigue.

Volvo Dig Assist: 3D and TopCon technology

Volvo’s 3D mode is the ultimate choice for the most ambitious and large-scale infrastructure projects. With three-dimensional functionality facilitated by TopCon and Trimble Earthworks for Dig Assist, operators can seamlessly import project designs into the Volvo Co-Pilot system. This integration simplifies the transition from blueprint to action, significantly improving productivity and operational efficiency. With its 2D, In-Field Design, and 3D modes, Volvo’s Dig Assist technology empowers excavator operators to tackle a wide range of projects with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and confidence.

The Volvo Co-Pilot touch screen in the cab also has data logging and reporting capabilities, allowing operators and project managers to monitor and analyse job progress, which is crucial for optimising efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By providing valuable insights into machine performance and job site conditions, Volvo Co-Pilot technology empowers operators to make informed decisions, resulting in more efficient and productive excavations.

CJD Equipment’s parts and service support

In collaboration with Volvo CE, CJD Equipment presents a formidable alliance that caters to your needs, ensuring that your machinery operates safely and at peak efficiency. With an expansive national support network, CJD Equipment stands ready to offer unwavering assistance, regardless of your location or the hour.

Tom values his trusted partnership with CJD Equipment.

For many, acquiring a used machine may be the only viable option, but Tom emphasises the numerous benefits of establishing a lasting partnership with a trustworthy dealer.

“While personal preference plays a role,” he explains, “there are distinct advantages to having all your maintenance and parts and stuff like that under the same banner. You’ve got to go with your gut instinct. I felt comfortable buying a new machine because it’s under warranty and gives me a relationship with the dealer.

“I know I’ll purchase more machines, so creating that relationship works in my best interests. It works in your favour when it comes to purchasing, servicing, getting parts in on time.”

So, whether you’re considering your first purchase or looking ahead to future acquisitions, trust in the partnership between CJD Equipment and Volvo CE. This partnership goes beyond machinery, providing comprehensive solutions and unwavering support for your journey ahead.

Contact your local CJD branch at 1300 139 804 to learn more, or visit: www.cjd.com.au


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