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Shell and XCMG team up to provide the good oil


XCMG has partnered with Shell to launch a range of tailored lubricants.

The strategic global partnership leverages the lubrication expertise of Shell with the cutting- edge technology of XCMG to provide state- of-the-art XCMG-branded lubricant solutions that optimise equipment performance, reduce downtime, and enhance operational efficiency.

National Parts and Warehouse Manager for XCMG Mining Equipment Australia, Gary Koglin, said XCMG Australia was excited by the prospect of teaming up with the exclusive Shell Lubricants macro-distributor in Australia, Viva Energy, to bring the XCMG-branded products to customers.

“The launch of XCMG Tailored Lubricants will provide XCMG’s customers with confidence in their lubricant supply and performance,” he said.

Viva Energy Lubricants Sales and Marketing Manager Renee Reilly said that since the establishment of the XCMG Excavator Division in 1999, Shell had been co-operating with XCMG in the field of lubrication.

“In recent years, with the accelerated pace of XCMG’s equipment business, Shell and XCMG have strengthened their partnership, jointly launching lubricants tailored for XCMG to bring the best out of XCMG equipment,” she said.

Viva Energy Technical Specialist Silvana Farrugia said lubricants were an indispensable part of the operation of construction machinery.

“The XCMG tailored lubricants developed by Shell will bring even better protection to XCMG’s equipment with world-class product standards and quality assurance,” she said.

Lubricants are used to reduce friction, wear and corrosion, and can also remove dirt and deposits inside the machinery, providing protection for industrial equipment, and improving the operating efficiency and life of the equipment.

“Contaminated fluids are known to cause up to 75 per cent of repair costs and equipment downtime, including 65-75 per cent of bearing failures1. Routine fluid analysis combined with high-quality lubricants developed with Shell Lubricant technology can better protect construction machinery resulting in less downtime,” Silvana said.

Shell has five research and development centres around the world and more than 300 scientists and engineers engaged in the research and development of lubricants and greases.

With the industry’s leading technologies, Shell continuously invests in R&D and makes breakthroughs in innovation, always putting customers at the centre of its efforts to provide high-quality products, which have won the praise and trust of its customers around the world.

“Indeed, Shell Lubricants has been named the world’s leading supplier of finished lubricants for the 17th consecutive year by Kline & Company,” said Renee said.

Gary encouraged workshop and equipment owners to get in touch with XCMG Australia.

“By stocking genuine XCMG lubricants, users can be sure that they will have the right oil for their equipment,” he said.

For more information about Shell’s range of XCMG lubricants, contact Gary Koglin directly on 03 9796 3075 or 0423 528 314 or contact Viva Energy, Shell Macro Distributor, Technical Helpdesk on 1300 134 205.

XCMG-branded lubricant solutions optimise equipment performance, reduce downtime, and enhance operational efficiency.


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