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ShawX Manufacturing !

ShawX Manufacturing are one of Australia’s finest manufacturers of custom earthmoving equipment, truck bodies and trailers. They draw on decades of industry experience to proudly design and construct Australian made products, so you know they are built to last.

The ShawX name is not only recognised for its quality, durability and functionality of attachments, but its 100% Australian made products, guaranteeing their customers higher-quality, lower maintenance and longer-lasting hand-made equipment.

These attachments are manufactured in their Brisbane based workshop, and the parts and material used to manufacture ShawX products are completely Australian made. This not only means when purchasing a ShawX product you are getting quality, you are also helping to boost the economy by keeping the money in Australia.

Recognising the industry trend towards cheap, imported products, at the expense of reliability, quality and longevity, ShawX has been determined to provide a high-quality, Australian-made alternative at a competitive price.

With over 40 years’ experience in the earthmoving industry, the team at ShawX understands the needs of the industry and their experience operating the products they build helps them to deliver quality solutions to suit their customers’ needs. They know the benefits of having quality equipment, and that is why product testing from the design right through to the field has proven to work.

Quality control is a big part of the Shawx day, ensuring the product you order is made to the standard they have set at every stage. Steel selection is also a major part of the long lasting factor these days, and ShawX is constantly in touch with the suppliers for updates to get the best grade of steel and the lightest weight for the attachments – the two combined will give you more bang for your buck.

Designing an attachment that is hard wearing, light but strong is every manufacturers aim and ShawX achieves this.

At ShawX you talk to real people who work earthmoving equipment and their own products, and so understand the different requirements and issues associated within the industry today. ShawX are able to build specifically for your individual needs as everything is manufactured on site in their own workshop.

So if you are in the market for a better return on your investment then you need a ShawX attachment.

Benefit from their industry experience:

  • They come directly from the field with experience, knowledge and understanding that every customer’s needs are different
  • They provide strong, reliable, 100 per cent Australian-made products with no imports, which allows for quick access to spare parts and components
  • They are a one-stop-shop for attachments, transport, parts and refurbishment
  • ShawX products are designed by their experts in consultation with the end user.
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