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ShawX Manufacturing – solid reputation !

ShawX manufacturing has forged a solid reputation in the industry for the quality design and manufacturing of earthmoving equipment attachments, including rippers, hitches, buckets, tag float trailers, tipper bodies and its latest design innovation, the EjectX ejector body.

Kenny and Brett are both qualified diesel fitters and boilermakers who have worked extensively in the earthmoving industry all over Australia, giving them hands-on experience and the ability to identify shortcomings with equipment design, to then manufacture components that work and last the distance. Not surprisingly, this experience enables them to use the phrase “From the industry – For the industry” to position their business in the minds of their customers.

When you think of ShawX, think of theindustry.

“We have, over the years, seen all manner of equipment fail and wear out prematurely in our own earthmoving business in which we still have a working interest. Experiencing these problems firsthand resulted in the need for us to either re-engineer or repair substandard equipment in order to get the job done. We find this puts us in a unique position to manufacture equipment that works, which is built to a robust standard and not to a price. We manufacture equipment that we would want to use ourselves,” said Brett.

“We are passionate about the Australian manufacturing industry, we design and construct for quality and functionality, whilst utilising Australian-sourced materials and components wherever possible.”

ShawX Manufacturing utilises a machine shop, C.N.C control systems, profile cutters and its own paint shop to manufacture its products. They also carry out repair and modification work to all new and used equipment and implements for the earthmoving and construction industry.

Trailer and tipper body manufacturing is also a key feature of the ShawX range of products. Tag plant trailers are built to customers needs with individual and unique designs that cater for single, bogie and tri-axle configurations. These feature a heavy-duty integrated beam chassis, EBS/ABS braking, electric or hydraulic ramps, welded cleats on ramps for added traction, and LED lighting. Options include oversize packs, hammer wells, hydraulic winches, sliding draw toolboxes and more.

The ShawX tipper bodies feature a full Bisalloy construction in standard or custom-made sizes, two-way tailgates, internal tie-downs, LED lighting, 2pac paint and internal steps. They call it “the working man’s tipper” – it’s ready to go to work.

A new innovation in bulk earthmoving and construction material transport and handling has been gaining traction for ShawX Manufacturing in the form of its EjectX body.

When taking a quick glance, it looks very much like a standard tipper truck, but, on closer inspection, there’s a huge difference – this body doesn’t tip.

Brett explained: “With safety as a main driving force, we developed the EjectX to provide a viable transport option while improving safety. By not raising the body, reduces the risk of rollovers during the ejecting process. This design creates a greater opportunity, with the ability to eject loads on adverse slopes, under power lines, bridges and low tree canopies, where conventional tippers cannot operate”.

The EjectX design utilises a horizontal plough running along internal guide rails controlled by a Delta Hydraulics doubleacting ram along its length to eject the load from the rear of the body. The ten-wheeler models utilise a 40-tonne ram, with 25-tonne and 20-tonne rams for the eight and six-wheeler versions.

“The plough has heavy-duty skirt rubbers fitted to its base and sides. We see these as having a service life of around six months, depending on the material being handled and the operating cycles. These skirt rubbers are easily operator-replaced when required. There is also a return rubber located on the rear of the plough, so that if any product has fallen behind the blade during the loading process it is dragged back and discarded by the two openings at the front of the floor. The plough then returns to its resting position conveniently covering the hydraulic tank hoses and valving in the process,” explained Brett.

Stiffening ribs are used to reinforce the side walls, and specially-engineered design combing rails made to a point are featured to prevent product holding or sticking to the top rail, removing the need to brush off loading spill from top rails before transit. Tarps by Retractable Tarps of Brisbane control air-borne dust, and recessed clearance lights feature a protection rail to prevent damage by falling debris.

Brett Shaw explained the benefits further: “We believe that while there are other forms of design that can eliminate the need for raising a body to unload, such as walkingfloor and conveyors, our design is extremely efficient with fewer moving and therefore, less wearing components, which means we all know less time off the road. “Operator error and misjudgment of slopes during unloading are also removed, greatly increasing safety, which is obviously everyone’s top priority.”

If you’re serious about work, do yourself a favour and look at the ShawX range. Have a chat to Kenny or Brett, these guys know their stuff and would be happy to help you to not only find the best result for your project, but value for money.

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