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ShawX Impressive Next Generation Asphalt EjectX Truck Body System

There is no denying the risks associated with heavy vehicles tipping their load. Whether moving asphalt or other materials there is a risk from contacting powerlines, low hanging trees and other obstructions, which can put lives at risk, not to mention the cost of damage and wastage. A solution to these issues was needed, and that solution is called EjectX.

For those not familiar with EjectX and this unique system, the tipping element has been completely removed, eliminating all the risks mentioned above. Instead, a purpose-built, double bushed horizontal hydraulic ram pushes a plough through the Bisalloy body, ejecting any material you put in the back. These bodies will push anything from Asphalt, demolition materials, rock, and rubble, including hot or cold material. The tailgate automatically lifts, then the plough moves through the body at either a set speed or inched through the body for part load ejection, which allows the material to flow freely out.

The team at ShawX who builds these impressive truck bodies have recently gone through a re-design process, working very closely with three local asphalt transport companies, taking their special requirements on board. This process has seen some significant manufacturing innovation from ShawX to produce a body that has been tailored to create the ultimate Asphalt transport machine.

On a recent trip to Queensland, EEM had the chance to talk shop with Brett from ShawX about the design and manufacturing of the asphalt EjectX. Brett shared, “Our good customers BD Transport were already clients with the original EjectX style body, which they loved. However, they agreed that a specific asphalt design would be beneficial for their industry.

BD Transport work on large tier one projects around Queensland and the father and son team of Grant and Braden have seen the industry and regulations change plenty over the years. They have witnessed the exciting move away from “tippers” and into “pushers”, with the EjectX asphalt body being the clear leader in this much safer style of body.

They work with councils and companies to fully embrace these safer trucks. Chatting with Grant on the new asphalt body and about ShawX he said, “These style of EjectX bodies are the future in the industry because they cannot tip, making them inherently safer. Our work includes major infrastructure projects and major road construction projects for majority of all the leading companies in the asphalt industry in Brisbane. They are keeping the entire infrastructure work going, which keeps everyone employed. They all appreciate the added safety and control of our new EjectX asphalt bodies on site. With the continued development of this system it is bound to become the industry standard in years to come.”

When quizzing Braden about the experience of working so closely with the ShawX team to help develop this new variation, he shared, “We purchased two of the original EjectX bodies which worked great, but for our asphalt work, we could see room for improvements that would suit the asphalt industry. The team at ShawX invited us to meet at their office to discuss our thoughts on what we felt was important in an asphalt body. With our experience in the industry we were happy to get involved. In the vicinity of a year’s development, we have ended up where we are today with a truly unique design that included the insights from both myself and my father’s experience.

It’s a testament to ShawX’s design and fabricating ability to successfully implement these changes and enable the new bodies to arrive at where they are today.”

The question remained about what exactly had been changed, improved, and developed on the asphalt EjectX body. Brett from ShawX explained, “After talking with the guys from the asphalt industry, they needed a body that was going to be lighter, lower, and a V shaped body with low maintenance.

Sounds easy, right? Well, the reality was that it was a matter of using the learnings from our original EjectX body, combined with the input from three separate asphalt transport companies to come up with the perfect balance of features, which is the new asphalt EjectX body There are no belts, chains, slats, bearings, or hydraulic motors, which can cause costly repairs or downtime. We have given this body a low centre of gravity and low sides, which means it can be loaded with a bobcat.The system is straight forward to operate, and it is permitted on all job sites around Australia. I’m sure you can appreciate the work that has gone into achieving these new specifications and features. When these new features are combined with the features of the original EjectX body such as no tipping, reduced operating costs and cycle times, heavy-duty, full Bisalloy body and significantly improved safety you start to understand why our customers, councils and major infrastructure operators prefer our bodies on their sites.”

You must take your hat off to the team at ShawX. They are a great family-owned business in Queensland that has for many years been building their reputation through hard work, clever designs and the ability to work with their clients specific requests.

In an industry that has, like many, been battling with a large number of cheap and inferior overseas imports of buckets and attachments they still proudly use high quality, long-lasting steel and materials which delivers a superior product to their customers which is exactly what has, and will continue to put them on the map in Australia as a high-quality manufacturer and business.

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