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ShawX Attachments !

Have you ever bought a new bucket thinking it would outlast you, only to find that it died well before it should have?

Your attachments are a large financial commitment and everyone wants the best return on their investments. Well, at ShawX, they have your solution.

This happens quite often in the earthmoving industry, especially with imported products, and if you have worked with them in the past you will know all about it. ShawX is an earthmoving manufacturing company who have been in the industry for many years, not only manufacturing, but running their own earthmoving equipment, which enabled them to see this need for stronger, better wearing, longer lasting equipment.

ShawX manufacture each of their products by hand, right in their Brisbane based workshop. They do not production line manufacture, which allows complete customisation of all products to suit your specific needs.

With this ability, the team at ShawX have designed, tested and manufactured their new ‘X’ series range, which not only look tough, but are tough!

What is different with the X series you are no doubt asking…

It’s not just the additional wear package that makes these buckets last, but the sleek bucket shape and internal structure that you can’t see. These buckets are designed with a long front, a continuous curved skin, and a low head plate. This ensures maximum bulk out performance, faster loading and dumping of material, and the continuous curved skin means the lower back of the bucket is not being dragged through the dirt upon loading. ShawX run a thicker head plate with internal gussets and strong backs that are mechanically keyed so as to not just rely on welding, a full one piece saddle for the back of the ears (to save skin deformation), a bisalloy rock liner, external heavy duty bisalloy wear strips, heel blocks, cutting edge protection, weld-on side leg protection and to top it off, all of the X series buckets are provided with hammerless teeth.

These additions not only provide great protection from the harshest environments, but the shape and design of the bucket means more productivity with less wear and tear on your machine and better fuel burn rates.

The heavy duty structure of the bucket ensures longevity, allowing less downtime due to bucket repairs and wear package upgrades. The X series buckets not only outlast the rest, but the testing proves an increase in productivity with less fuel burn, leading to financial gains.

ShawX offer a heavy duty ‘X’ series alternative across their whole range, not just limiting it to buckets.

With the owners of ShawX having been operators and running their own fleet of machinery and earthmoving companies, they understand and have the ability to work with you and customise your order to suit your requirements. You have the ability to talk directly with the team that will build your products to ensure complete success for your business. ShawX are committed to helping you succeed. So give them a call to discuss your next attachment investment.

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