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Shaw X – Earthmoving Innovation At Its Finest!

With so many different brands in the Industry all claiming the same things, it’s hard to know who to believe and what to look for.

So Why The Shawx Name?

Australian made ShawX is an Australian Company with all products, components and parts manufactured in their Brisbane workshop.

No imports or outsourcing of any kind because they are proud Australians and believe in “Australian Made”. This attitude guarantees the strong lasting quality that imports cannot offer. Customisable

The team at ShawX understand that all businesses are in need of different products to suit their specific job and requirements  and therefore are able to offer a completely customisable option to customers. As each product is produced in their workshop from the drawings right through to paint and delivery, they are able to alter and customise each product to suit their customers liking.


Manufacturing all products in house, using Australian components and parts, allows a closer look at each product going out of their workshop. ShawX products are constantly being checked and altered to improve quality and standards and to produce the best possible products for their customers.

From the Industry

Having worked in the industry for over 40 years with a fleet of their own machines and do still to this day, the team at ShawX understand the issues, struggles and need for long lasting, quality products that can be made to suit specific requirements. It is not always a one size fits all type of industry and the ShawX team are making a difference by providing the industry with exactly what is needed: top quality products that last and withstand any condition, all with a side of good old-fashioned customer service.

Customer Service

When dealing with ShawX you speak to the top. You are able to deal directly with the owners, speak to the engineers designing your product, and can even drop in and see your product being made. The ShawX team provide open communication, follow-up services and the added value of dealing withthe people directly involved in designing and manufacturing your product.

These are the five things you want to see in your products, on your machines and behind your trucks. Want to know more about ShawX and their products.

Simply call (07) 3286 3794

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