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SEQ Retaining Walls


SEQ Retaining Walls produces high quality work using Doosan Excavators delivered by Clark Equipment.

If you think all earthmoving contractors are created equal, think again. The art of constructing a rock wall requires a delicate balance of brute force and creative flare. Not only does the wall need to be aesthetically pleasing, it must also be structurally sound.

It takes patience, foresight and dexterity to be proficient at building rock walls; all skills that must be honed over a long period of time. One such contractor offering a high quality product is Queensland based company SEQ Retaining Walls.

SEQ Retaining Walls have been around for a long time under their former trading name: Scotty’s Earthmoving. Due to the specialised nature of what they do, the directors – Robert Sawyers, Dyon Sawyers, Timothy Sawyers and Michael Cassidy – decided to rebrand the company as SEQ Retaining Walls earlier this year in order to reflect their target market more accurately. SEQ Retaining Walls continue to offer the same high standard of quality and service their discerning customers have come to expect, not only working with rock but also various other concrete products. To align with their new corporate branding strategy, SEQ Retaining Walls recently took delivery of three new Doosan excavators, including the DX140 pictured.

Since purchasing the business in 2011, the current ownership team have owned and operated various different products, their preference however is Doosan. We recently caught up with James Allen, who manages plant and acquisitions for SEQ, and group General Manager Michael Cassidy. When asked how the business has evolved over the past six years and what they see the future holding for their growing business, Michael had the following to say: “Scotty’s Earthmoving was renowned in the industry for building good quality rock walls. It was very apparent to us that with a little more management and some minor tweaks to the existing operations, we could build Scotty’s up to being the leader in the industry and the preferred provider for rock walls.



Over the past six years we have seen the company grow in leaps and bounds, so much so that we had to set up a separate private works division and also concrete sleeper wall division to keep up with the ever growing demand.”

When asked what they attributed their growth and success to, he replied, “We believe our success is a combined result of the additional management brought into the company by the new owners, along with the excellent workmanship and work ethic of our employees.”

James added, “Of course you can’t do anything without good reliable equipment, and that’s why we have been buying Doosan excavators. The product is good quality and the support we get from Clark Equipment is excellent.”

Michael added, “Our rebranding strategy coincides with our most recent purchases of the three new Doosan excavators. We believe that SEQ Retaining Walls is poised ready for the next step in our ongoing expansion. The vision of the management team is to continue to grow the business by offering our clients a complete turn-key solution to all of their retaining wall requirements, and to become not just the preferred provider of rock walls, but their preferred provider for all retaining wall solutions.”

Doosan have rapidly built a reputation throughout Europe and Australasia as a serious contender in the construction equipment market. Their products feature refinement to equal the highest industry standard and reliability that is the envy of their competition. With Clark Equipment representing the brand as the national dealer here in Australia, the network of branches providing dealer expertise and support is largely unparalleled in the Australian market. The importance of having a strong relationship with your OEM dealer and being able to rely on their ability to support you is vital, particularly through phases of growth.

Just like SEQ Retaining Walls, Clark Equipment are experiencing strong growth attributed largely to their affiliation with the Doosan product and its emergence as a tier one product. Clark Equipment are unique in that they are the only wholly Australian, privately-owned construction equipment dealer with a national footprint.



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