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Semco releases first battery-powered compact excavator


Semco has released the Takeuchi TB20e, the manufacturer’s first designed-and-built, battery power compact excavator.

With the environment in mind, the TB20e excavator is an example of Takeuchi’s enduring legacy of innovation in the compact equipment market.

As national product manager for Takeuchi Australia, Stuart Marriott, explains, the company is committed to environmental stewardship.

“The new battery power excavator is designed to help our customers meet their own sustainability goals without sacrificing the performance and reliability they deserve and expect from Semco and Takeuchi,” he said.

Similar in performance to Takeuchi’s diesel- powered TB216 compact excavator, the TB20e is powered by lithium-ion battery that offers a continuous working range from four to eight hours, depending on application and environment.

The excavator features an on-board charger with 95v to 265v single-phase power.

Charging options

When operators require additional runtime, they can tether the TB20e to the onboard charger and remain operational.

A faster, optional off-board charger can charge the TB20e in just two to four hours using 408v to 552v three-phase power. An emergency switch located on the seat riser prevents the machine from operating or charging when activated.

Stuart said a key feature of the TB20e was that it is a zero emission and low noise level compact excavator with the same performance features and capabilities as diesel powered machines in the same class.

The TB20e has an operating weight of 1930kg with a maximum dig depth of 2388mm and a maximum reach of 4064mm. A primary hydraulic circuit plumbed to mid-arm delivers 34L/m for running a hydraulic hammer or other hydraulically driven attachments.

Because the TB20e has no engine, maintaining the excavator is simple, with fewer moving parts and no need for fuel filters, engine oil, engine oil filters or coolant.

A primary hydraulic circuit plumbed to mid- arm delivers 34L/m for running hydraulically- driven attachments.

Power for productivity

“The TB20e is an exciting addition to Takeuchi’s constantly evolving line of products,” Stuart said.

“For customers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint while still being able to get jobs done on time and with minimal downtime, the Takeuchi TB20e provides an abundance of productivity and a reduction of overall operating costs that are associated with traditional diesel- powered construction equipment. It’s also ideal for rental companies.

“It has designed the TB20e to help customers with an excavator that delivers outstanding features, unmatched performance, excellent  serviceability and great value – along with all the unique benefits that a battery-powered machine has to offer.”

It is ideal for use in areas that have both noise and emissions restrictions such as in and around schools, neighbourhoods, hospitals, and municipalities.

An onboard charger is able to not only charge the machine during breaks and at the end of the work day, it also allows the operator to work while tethered. Also available is an offboard charger that can be used to charge the TB20e in a relatively short amount of time.

The TB20e is work ready and demonstrates its Takeuchi pedigree, whether it be its rugged all steel construction or the retractable undercarriage which enables the TB20e to work in confined areas and pass through openings as narrow as 980mm.

Stuart said the Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system comes standard on the TB20e with free access throughout the machine’s two-year standard warranty period.

TFM reduces downtime and controls costs by providing remote diagnostics and scheduled maintenance reminders along with customisable alert settings.

It also supplies owners and operators with valuable information about machine health, run time (hours) and location.

Owners can geofence their machines, protecting and securing their investments.

Additional TFM coverage may be purchased separately and is included in Takeuchi’s P3 extended warranty plans.

For further information on the battery power excavator, call Semco on 1800 685 525 or visit


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