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Semco group expands compact track loader line-up with Takeuchi TL8R-2

Heavy equipment sales and service specialist Semco Group has recently added the Takeuchi TL8R-2 compact track loader to its line-up, with the redesigned radial lift loader, which replaces the outgoing TL8, sporting a range of features designed to deliver premium performance, power, efficiency and durability.

With the cab model weighing in at an operating weight of 4165 kg (and the canopy option 3995 kg), the TL8R-2 runs a 54.6 kW Kubota engine, and Takeuchi describes it as smallenough to get into tight areas and light enough for easy transport.

Along with manoeuvrability, the Japanese manufacturer points to its powerful performance capabilities, with the TL8R-2, which has a tipping load of 2740 kg, at the ready to tackle a range of applications.

In addition to this, operator comfort is a standout feature of the TL8R-2’s design, with the loader incorporating a spacious cabin, and equipped with an accessible control layout, paving the way for convenient and efficient operations.

Meanwhile, optional creep mode enables operators to precisely match the forward speed of the TL8R-2 to a particular attachment without having to constantly meter the travel lever, with Takeuchi stating it is ideal for attachments requiring a consistent, repeatable travel speed, such as a cold planer or trencher.

The TL8R-2’s 54.6 kW turbocharged engine is EU Stage V/EPA Final Tier 4 emissions compliant, with a diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter integrated to minimise emissions for clean and efficient operation.

In addition to this, it features:
• Heavy lifting – improved lift arm force (lift arm breakout force of 26.5 kN; bucket breakout force of 27.6 kN)
• Hydraulic flow – is adjusted from the operator’s seat, while attachment settings can be stored in the TL8R-2’s new monitor, with multiple work modes available (high-flow hydraulics are an optional extra for attachments such as road profilers and forest mulchers)
• Powerful drives – double reduction planetary drives are designed to deliver exceptional pushing power and manoeuvrability, while the standard two-speed travel allows for increased travel speeds (low: 7.5 km/h, high: 11.2 km/h)
• Powerful tractive force – allows the machine to perform across demanding applications (tractive force of 43.3 kN)

The TL8R-2 features an automotive-styled operator’s station, integrating a 5.7-inch multi-informational LCD colour display, with a rear-view camera and a sealed rocker switch bank, designed to deliver the operator a wider range of operational information.

The operator’s station also features:
• Machine data – the display features coolant temperature and fuel gauges, with new icons including work modes, engine fault, bucket float and hydraulic mode
• Pilot joystick controls – which are low effort and designed to respond immediately to operator input for greater control and performance
• Deluxe high-back suspension seat – comes as standard equipment, featuring several adjustments, including three height settings
• Cab model – is pressurised, contributing to a clean, comfortable work environment, with it also including a roll-up door that can be opened regardless of the loader arm position, and which can be secured overhead during operation

When it comes to durability, the TL8R-2, which is equipped with an OPG level 2 roof guard, is decked out with a number of features designed to keep it powering on through in tough conditions, and ultimately enable operators to get on with the job at hand with confidence.

The TL8R-2 is equipped with:
• Robust front idler rollers – featuring larger bearings for slower shaft speeds, extending component life
• Heavy duty rear door – built to protect the radiator and oil cooler from rear impacts, designed to provide years of service and dependability
• Industrial-sized side-by-side radiator and oil cooler – providing efficient cooling performance for greater component life
• Reduced shock – cushioning on the arm cylinders reduces shock, and protected cylinders and steel lines are designed to improve longevity
• Purpose-built frame – features multiple cross members for greater strength and rigidity
• Quiet ride track – rollers ride on a rubber contact pad for reduced vibration and a quieter ride, with a wide block tread improving flotation

Serviceability is another strong focus of the TL8R-2’s design, with the heavy-duty rear door swinging out to provide access to the side-by-side cooling module with coolant sight glass, engine oil filter, engine oil fill and dipstick, fuel/water separator and dual element air cleaner.

Serviceability features include:
• Opening up – a tilt-back operator’s station and large removable belly pans allow for easy routine maintenance
• Clean air – the double air filters are mounted on a tilt-up platform for easy service
• Security – the heavy-duty rear door and top hood can be locked from a single point using the same key as the ignition, providing for extra security when leaving the TL8R-2 on a job site
• Left tower access panel – provides access to the hydraulic tank and filter, while the oil level is quickly checked using the easy-to-view sight gauge

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