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It is a reality of life today that if someone seeks to steal your treasured possessions, siphon off your valuable fuel, break into or intrude on your premises, remove your livestock, even vandalise your vehicles there is in all reality little you can do about it.

Unless of course you have the vital visual evidence of an intrusion or an unwelcome visitor or of the theft perpetrated and recorded in real time.

The latest addition to Silvan Australia’s Selecta product range is the Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera designated as the Selecta Secure 120 Camera.

The small IP54 rated, water resistant, plastic cased camera is designed to be secreted away in a position where important and convenient access points like a door or property gate, buildings, workshops or fuel storages or livestock compounds can be easily watched with any unlawful activity recorded.

With its Wide Angle 120 degree lens the Selecta Secure120 camera with its extra wide field of view keeps a watch on who visits when you’re not about, who has an intent to steal and succeeds and also counts the foxes around the henhouse at night or during the day.

And the Selecta 120 Camera works around the clock using the invisible infra red flash for night vision.

The motion activated camera which is around the size of two cigarette packs is designed to be located out of sight so that as soon as movement is detected the wide view lens of the camera begins recording pictures or capturing video of the  movements by the intruder.

The information recorded is stored on a 16 GB SD card (included) as a permanent record and its information can be viewed on the colour screen of the camera, downloaded to a personal computer, or saved for viewing on a television screen.

Key operating features in addition to the wide 120 degree field of view include the sensor detection view of up to 20 metres distance from the point of concealment and the invisible flash with night view infra red recording.

Other convenient features include password protection to use the camera, the ability to choose a photograph size from 1 to 12 megapixels, while the multi-picture function enables from one to 3 photos to be taken each time the camera is triggered.

And the video recording time can be set from one to sixty seconds with a delay function for high activity sites.

The Secure 120 camera can also use the timer function so that recordings are made only at certain times of the day for instance when an owner is away from the property or to monitor only at high risk times of the day like early mornings, late afternoons or evenings.

Silvan Australia’s Selecta Product Manager Michael Tricarico says that the new Selecta Secure 120 security camera with its wide view feature monitors a much broader area and effectively sees more in the periphery of what is being watched.

”In addition to general property and farm security detection this camera has also proved highly attractive to naturalists, wetlands and birdlife observers and nature based managers because of its ability to detect and record unusual movements especially at night  to record the coming or going of many previously unknown species.

“The truth invariably lies in what activity the Secure120 camera records” Mr Tricarico says.

The Selecta Secure 120 Security Camera operates for months on 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries for 3, 6 or 9 months of standby time ready to record information on the 16GB SD memory card in the camera.

Supplied with express set-up directions, for easy set-up. The recommended retail price of the Selecta Secure 120 Security Camera is $330.00.

For more information on the Selecta Secure 120 Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera contact Selecta resellers nationally or contact Silvan Australia on 1300SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email for technical information.

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