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Cormidi Mini Dumpers

Makinex Construction Products have been helping landscapers, earthmovers and construction industries with tight access challenges move bulk materials efficiently and cost-effectively for over 10 years.

Learn how Andrew Whittington from CLS Groups has benefited from his Cormidi ownership.

Andrew has been in the landscaping game for over 10 years and has seen many changes within that time.

One of the main changes that has come about is the increased house size on smaller blocks of land, which has resulted in tighter access down the side of the house.

In order to shift bulk material Andrew used multiple labourers and wheelbarrows on site, which was costly and inefficient and led him to think that there must be a better way of doing this.

After some research Andrew found out about the Makinex narrow access range of Cormidi Dumpers, which can shift between 400kg and 2 tonnes and most are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway. This is what Andrew has to say about the Cormidi: “We would have 20-30 tonne of material delivered, which would then have to be shifted to where we needed it. This used to take four to five guys using wheelbarrows all day, which was hard on them physically.

I was also at the mercy of these labourers turning up and if they didn’t, this had an impact on what I was able to deliver to my customer. The Cormidi has been great because it takes one guy half that time to move that amount of tonnage, as well as being better for them physically and their motivation.”

The main benefits of Cormidi ownership for Andrew’s business have been cost savings and improved reliability in labour, which has then given him greater control over getting things done when he needs to. Additionally, Andrew has also been able to price himself competitively for residential work due to being able to move bulk materials efficiently within the narrow access market minus substantial labour costs Makinex will be at this year’s Diesel Dirt

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Turf Expo, Stand 1A with their range of Cormidi Dumpers and they look forward to catching up with you there.

To learn more about how the Makinex range of Cormidi narrow access dumpers can help your business work smarter, please feel free to email sales@makinex.com.au or call 1300 795 953.[/colored_box]

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