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Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete adds unprecedented agility to your operations and helps protect your high-value equipment from theft or misuse.

The Australian market has always been competitive in the construction industry, and modernising the way of running your business has never been quite so vital in order to stay relevant and successful.

Asset-related technologies are on the rise and if you continue down the beaten path of operating, you are leading your business services to commoditisation and, possibly, rendering them obsolete in the face of more technologically adept competitors.

In today’s digital era, automation and speed of your delivery is the name of the game; customers want more personalisation to their unique needs and requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach no longer suits the scene.

GPS tracking devices play an important role in giving companies the competitive edge they need by identifying ways to optimise operations, do more with less, and provide a more adaptive and flexible service. As an added bonus, the same tracking devices ensure the security of your assets and help protect thousands of dollars worth of equipment, keeping your operations viable and undisrupted.

Fleet Complete offers a versatile range of asset tracking products, particularly utilised on assets stationed on remote sites, where lack of visibility and supervision exposes companies to the risk of theft and significantly limits understanding of how their assets are being used.

Factors such as location detection, notification alerts, automated fleet management, and cloud-based data analytics not only enable you to conduct leaner operations but also to monitor your assets remotely and ensure worker and asset safety.


According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC), statistics show that between 2004 and 2014, Australia recorded a 23 per cent increase in heavy vehicle thefts, largely attributed to the 45 per cent rise in plant and equipment thefts.

Fleet Complete’s connected platform not only helps to locate your assets remotely at any point in time on your desktop or a smart device, but also includes a Geofencing feature to monitor asset movement outside of predefined area or any other unauthorised activity.

This sophisticated sensor-based feature allows you to define actions, situations and events that are mission-critical to your business, giving you the ability to customise and scale the rules to fit your specific needs. With real-time status transmission and motion-enabled settings, you can avoid unforeseeable losses and, in the case of emergency, recover misappropriated assets in time.


Fleet Complete


The advanced tracking technologies are not limited to geolocation. While connected to your asset’s power source or ECM, they also provide the ability to record critical information, like engine time in order to identify areas of improvement in your asset activity.

Tracking asset work hours gives you the insight into how much your equipment is being utilised, in order to avoid having assets sitting on a site. When this is the case, you have the option to repurpose your equipment by hiring it out, or change your investment strategy and hire equipment on a need basis rather than own it. In this manner, you will be able to cut unnecessary expenses and redirect capital into other areas.


With sophisticated data analytics and sensor-to-machine communication, Fleet Complete’s connected tracking devices report themselves regarding needed asset maintenance without your technicians having to conduct time-consuming manual checks.

Oversight in keeping your equipment in optimal condition can cause significant delays in delivery if sudden breakage occurs, and potentially turn away clients from using your services in the future. Asset tracking technology gives you capabilities to monitor sensor readings and conduct timely maintenance with automated notifications.


In order to optimise your asset productivity and output, you can take advantage of detailed reporting on your fleet performance, measured on the basis of events and showing how often or how long assets were idle. This enables companies to see their daily productivity outputs and better allocate resources in order to maximise their production capacity.

The result is an optimised matrix of operations and accurate estimation on completion dates that will allow you to do more business with the same amount of resources and significantly enhance your customer service.

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