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Satmell Group Tackling Jobs With The ASV VT-70

Satmell Group

For Michael Ierardo and his cousin Dylan, property development was a natural career path. After growing up at the feet of their fathers who founded property development specialists Satmell Group 40 years ago, earthmovers and construction sites are in their blood.

The Satmell Group is primarily a property development corporation focused on both industrial and commercial sectors. As a family-run, customer-focused business since its foundation, Satmell maintains an intimate business relationship with all clients from concept to completion. They have a proven track record, with a large number of completed developments since inception spanning many different sizes, uses and sectors.


EEM recently had the chance to catch up with both Michael and Dylan, whom are currently responsible for many facets of the company’s ongoing successes.

“Predominately we focus on the development of Industrial property with the construction of modern warehouse facilities to suit all uses,” said Michael. “Our Group has undertaken various developments in all sectors, however is particularly proud of the achievements, history, and innovation it has been a part of for the development of industrial property.

“The equipment we purchase is carefully selected to improve efficiency and productivity on each site, enabling work to progress immediately in times of need.


Satmell Group

Construction practices have changed immensely over the past 20 years in particular, and with construction costs continually rising, the correct equipment simply improves time and costs.

“We are currently working on a project that will see us through to at least 2020 which consists of the development of 24 Industrial Factory Units and 8 Office/Warehouses at Wetherill Park, NSW,” Michael continued.

“When we started researching what machine would best suit our requirements for this job, we really did do our research but at the end of the day the last machine on our list that really ticked all the boxes was the ASV VT-70. After spending some time in the machine, we are extremely happy with our purchase.”


Michael said that “the VT-70 is considered the most versatile unit for our type of operation. Its capabilities and specifications, when compared to many other makes, are considered superior, with regards to working loads, lifting capacity and stability. Uses will range from early stage earthmoving, to material handling and landscaping, and since our sites are generally quite large in scale we require equipment that can manage efficiency when put to the test in both work load and travel speed. The VT-70 in particular is a machine that is small enough and strong enough to tackle the most testing industrial situation, whilst also not too large to appear to mimic other earthmoving equipment.

ASV have really gotten this one right in all respects from design and engineering, to comfort and ease of use”.


“Whilst this is our first ASV machine, we chose STM as our preferred dealer as their staff clearly demonstrate extensive knowledge on the ASV equipment from sales to maintenance, and their ability to understand our requirements and willingness to work closely with us makes the selection and purchase decisions from STM much easier,” said Michael. “STM have offered on site service, maintenance, and repairs for the ASV which works very well for our operation.

STM also works closely to ensure that the machinery is customised exactly how we prefer and their attentiveness to client relationship is second to none.”

Satmell Group

After casting our eye over the specs of the VT-70, we really do have to agree with Michael – it certainly does have an impressive line-up of specs. The 2.4L Turbocharged engine is Tier 4F, muscling out 48.6kW and 198Nm of torque; an extremely user-friendly combination that is more than up to the most challenging tasks for a machine of this size. In addition, the VT-70 boasts some impressive cooling systems to ensure maximum engine efficiency.

The hydraulic joystick controls deliver not only dynamic control of the loader and bucket, but also an excellent feel.

Furthermore, after speaking with Dylan from Satmell Group, it’s inside the cab where this baby comes alive. “It’s smooth, nimble, fast and precise to operate, and the ride is a standout. The hydraulic ride control does a great job of dampening the machine pitching while traveling, which improves bucket material retention, and it’s very quiet compared to other machines I’ve operated.”

“The other features that come standard, like the hydraulic quick attach, bucket positioning, and a sealed and pressurised cab, just take this machine to the next level!

The cooling system is said to be best-in-industry and the service access is up there with the very best we have seen,” said Dylan. As a result, it certainly sounds like the ASV VT-70 is going to do a standout job for Satmell Group over the course of this new project and beyond. We wish them all the success in the future.

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