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SANY – The Giant Rises Down Under

SANY is one of the largest manufacturers of earthmoving, construction and mining equipment on the planet.

Coming out of China where they have been a dominant force for well over two decades, this multi-billion-dollar, industry-leading powerhouse has established itself on a global scale with their highly-engineered, top-quality machines spreading worldwide. SANY Australia has been steadily chipping away and warming to our local market for many years. They currently boast a solid range of excavators, loaders, graders and rollers that are already being really well received. In an exciting exclusive we discover that there’s more in store with the release of two new SANY machines to our market. SANY continues to improve their position as the giant juggernaut poised to make a huge impression Down Under in 2019.

Starting out as a small welding factory way back in 1986, SANY built their business and impeccable reputation quickly. They are now regarded as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, being listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003 and as an FT Global 500 Enterprise in 2011. Today, SANY remains the largest manufacturer of construction machinery in China and the fifth largest in the world. They have a staggering 25 manufacturing bases, six sales regions, and over 100 offices with more than 400 agents and 8000 suppliers worldwide. With advanced research and development centres in the US, Germany, India and Brazil, SANY employ some 100,000 staff in total, while their specialty products are exported to over 150 countries and regions across the globe.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Kim Lee, Vice President International Business and Special Assistant to Chairman. He explained that as well as their organic growth, the company has gone through many transformations and signed some massive mergers over the years, which has proved to only strengthen their business and expand their reach even further.

“SANY has made some important acquisitions and strategic partners,” Mr Lee outlined. “[One was] taking over German company Putzmeister, the world’s largest concrete pumps manufacturer. This takeover made SANY the largest construction equipment manufacturer worldwide and the world’s largest concrete equipment manufacturer. This takeover marked anew age in Germany where previously German-owned family companies had kept international buyers out. To give you an idea of the size of Putzmeister, in 2007 they had a record year of sales with over $1-billion turnover. SANY also has several joint ventures with Austrian company Palfinger who produce truck-mounted cranes. In this venture SANY and Palfinger produce equipment in China and on-sell to the world.”

SANY is already a well-known brand in Australia and the company is well-established locally, having set up shop some 16 years ago. But they are the first to admit they haven’t really hit the market too hard yet. Like a sleeping giant, they have been waiting in the wings, studying the Aussie market, testing our conditions and understanding our specific needs. And now they’re ready to really make an impact.

SANY has now been well received in more than 100 countries around the globe,” continued Mr Lee, “and we feel that we are now ready – after 10 years of learning about the Australian market – to bring our product to Australia. We know our products will stand up to Australian environments because our product systems and technologies have already been refined and developed in the harshest environments around the world. We also appreciate that Australia is a benchmark industry and getting things right here has been essential to us. SANY has experienced excellent organic growth since 2002 due to the strength and quality of equipment and our service. Our product offers excellent value and quality for Australian buyers.”

Heading up the important role of improving SANY’s success in the Australian and New Zealand markets is Nitin Khanna, Vice Director International HQ and Head of SANY Australia & New Zealand. With a wealth of experience behind him, he’s both excited and confident about the prospective growth of this division of the Group.

“My role entails entirely focusing on getting operations up and running here in Australia,” explained Mr Khanna. “As much as this is a challenging task, we feel the timing is now right, and we are prepared and ready to push forward. We have been busy setting up our networks to ensure our complete customer service experience will be as strong as challenging our products themselves. My background includes over 18 years in the machine industry with Caterpillar and I’ve worked in the US, Middle East, India, China and now Australia, so it’s an exciting opportunity for both SANY and myself to show Australia and New Zealand the strength of our products and operations.”

Nitin Khanna’s positivity stems from the values that are entrenched in all SANY staff. He stands by his products because he believes they’re the best – and why not? – they’re backed by one of the strongest companies in the world that continues to deliver time and time again. “Diligence is a word we often use here at SANY,” he went on to say. “Because we understand the level of detail and hard work that our customers require to be successful in their businesses, and that is what we pride ourselves on in our work ethics.”

In some compelling news, it looks like there will be a couple of heavy-hitting releases to really get the momentum swinging for SANY this year. “We already have an extensive product range to introduce to the Australian market and in 2019 we will be launching some exciting new products,” revealed Nitin. “In June we will launch the 15-tonne zero swing excavator, a new member of SANY zero swing models, which comes with premium key components and Tier-4 engine.

As well as the SY950h, which is a 95-tonne excavator, making it the biggest model in the SANY excavator family. It comes with Tier-3 engine and is designed for high-end operations. Along with our existing mini excavator range that is available now in Australia, we feel we are a new and exciting choice for the Australian market. With the introduction of these machines our excavator range in Australia is 1.7-tonne through to95-tonne. Our prices and quality of product and support will be what wins customers over to our product,” he concluded.

After seeing the impressive range and the vision and plan that has been laid out by SANY, it’s clear they don’t do anything by halves and have done their homework on our Australian market. It’s going to be exciting times ahead as SANY move forward and become even more established in Australia as a serious player.

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