Sany Offers High Quality Excavators And Service To Australian Clients

The newest member of SANY’s mini excavator family, the SY50U, is specially-designed to meet the higher requirements of urban construction such as agricultural applications, landscaping, and more.

Targeted at the U.S, European and Australian markets, SANY invited local clients to take test drives and offer detailed feedback at their factory.

Key Components Save Energy And Improve Efficiency

Tom runs an equipment rental dealership. He focused his attention on the SY50U’s engine and operational performance.

“The SY50U’s Yanmar engine ensures its reliability in tough working conditions. The eco-friendly Tier 4 Final engine can produce more power for the machine. The advanced SLSS hydraulic system, the optimal power control and the work mode selection greatly improve the machine’s efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.”

Tom said that high efficiency and low fuel consumption are the most important features for his customers. He believes the SY50U will perfectly meet his clients’ needs.

Data from field trails shows that the SY50U reduces fuel consumption by 15 per cent and improves efficiency by 14.2 per cent.

Two Optional Auxiliary Lines To Suit More Working Conditions

To make the SY50U easier to operate, it has been equipped with two optional auxiliary lines to allow for the use of more attachments for different working conditions. “The SY50U has two optional auxiliary lines, which can distribute different flows to suit more attachments. It is very convenient that the attachments’ flow can be set on the display screen. When using the breaking hammer, the SY50U ball valve can strengthen protection to the main valve by stopping the oil return, which is very important in keeping heavily-used excavators from breaking down,” said Jürgen, an excavator operator from European dealer REHNEN.

To operate in low-temperature environments, the SY50U has been specially designed with an automatic engine preheating function, enabling the SY50U to be used in any environment – including in places where the temperature falls to lower than 15 degrees below zero.

A User-Friendly And Comfortable Machine

Operating heavy-duty machinery does not have to be a hard-to-manipulate and uncomfortable user experience. It can be comfortable and easy to operate just like the SY50U. Especially helpful to Australian users, the SY50U uses a control handle to manipulate the operation of the breaking hammer, allowing the operator to use their hand instead of a foot to step on a pedal for control.

Mike, an Australian client, purchased an SY50U for a farm renovation project after he took a test drive. “The machine’s operation is easy and comfortable to me. It can be mostly manipulated by hand and it has a large display that shows the machine’s condition and optional attachments. Its TOPS/FOPS-certified cab guarantees safe operation. The SY50U’s broad view and shock-absorbing mechanical suspension seat make it comfortable enough to operate in various working sites.”

He added that the easy maintenance of the mini excavator was also a key factor to encourage his purchase. “It has a large engine hood, which is easy to be opened and allows me to complete daily maintenance on the ground. In addition, all key parts are gathered in the back of the excavator, including the air filter, oil filter, water separator, oil dipstick, expansion tank, oil filling mouth and more, greatly reducing maintenance difficulties. The SY50U’s easy-maintenance design really saves me time and money. I can handle daily maintenance and simple repairs all by myself,” he said.

Looking for Partners in Australia

SANY is confident about its quality products. Now, it is looking for partners and dealers with competent technical and service capacity, rich experience in construction machinery industry and aggressiveness in business. The local partners and dealer in Australia should be responsible for selling SANY’s machines and parts as well as providing maintenance service for customers. For more details about SANY’s dealer recruitment please contact SANY Australia.

As a world-leading construction machinery manufacturer, SANY has been putting its focus on international market. In 2012, SANY merged with German concrete machinery giant Putzmeister for an unparalleled influence in global concrete machinery industry. In the same year, SANY cooperated with Austria’s Palfinger, a world-leading manufacturer of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling facilities to set up a joint venture company to seek more broad international market shares in hoisting machinery industry.

SANY has been ranked No.1 in China’s excavator market for 8 years. So far in 2018, SANY has sold 30,000 excavators in the domestic market and 40,000 excavators internationally. SANY is now focused on bringing the convenient and efficient user experience of its advanced products and professional services to the Australian market.

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